IRR – How To Calculate the IRR with Excel

Posted by Wilbur Omar Chua on September 7th, 2021

In capital budgeting, to measure or determine the profitability of potential ventures, we use the Internal rate of return, or what we call the IRR. How to Calculate? As with the discounted cash flow model, we use a discount rate to discount all future cash flows to the present value, add them all up so that the net present value or NPV of all cash flows is equal to zero. So the NPV Calculations and the IRR Formula are heavily similar. With that said we can use what we know and compute for IRR with Excel. 

How to Calculate the IRR In Excel? In the article provided, we will show you IRR Excel Calculation , the importance, the methods, and finally examples that you can use as reference to put a metric on your investments easier. It is always recommended to compute for your metrics to make sure that you are clear with the risks and potential return on your investment. 

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