How to Construct Your Own Website?

Posted by kilobytes technologies on September 9th, 2021

There is several Wordpress Development Company in Mumbai working efficiently at the beck and call of their clients. There are many types of web Design Company in Mumbai, as some are only attached in the making of E-Commerce sites, or some distribute only information with articles etc. Thus, one can also construct their website by themselves and can adjust it accordingly. Many Wordpress Development Company in Mumbai have explained the detailed steps of constructing a website on your own. The steps are as follows:


Step 1: Setting up a website host:

 There are many web hosts in the market one can choose from. As this is the base of your website, your host should always be a strong and reliable one. You can either choose what your WordPress account offers you or you can choose any other website host according to your choice. Each website has a different package and plans, thus opt which is cheap and best for you.


 Step 2: Picking a domain name:


Almost all the websites come with a free domain name, but to get the trendiest and popular one, you may at times need to pay extra. As you have logged in to your web host account, you will need to click on domains and need to go to register a new domain. 


You can thus choose your domain name and if it is available, you will get yours.


Step 3: Installing WordPress:

 WordPress is the software where you can design your site, upload any content, etc. Every web host will have a simple step to install popular software where you will be able to find WordPress. WordPress is the most commonly used software and is thus very simple and easy to use. You will thus install and create an account on WordPress which can get you started.


 Step 4: Choosing a ‘Theme’:

In WordPress, you will get hundreds of templates for your website and can try them. Choose which is suitable for you and get started. Themes are categorized under many types such as blogs, portfolios, news, etc.


Using each of these themes, you can activate them on your website, see how it looks, and then can apply them.


Step 5: Customizing your new website:

 As you have selected them you can tweak and customize your website accordingly. You will need to go back to your theme page and click on customize where you can add images, change the color schemes and add titles. You can also change the header picture and can insert your personal logo or any picture which is quite personal and unique.


Step 6: Using high-quality images:

 Always keep in mind that whatever images you are selecting to insert on your website, they should look quite professional and should be presentable. The pixels of the images should be of high quality in which the details also should be clearly visible and should look good with the background of your website.


Step 7: Adding new pages:

 As your homepage is ready, you will need to start working on your other new web pages. You can add ‘about page\', a ‘contact page’ etc. Thus, you will click on pages available on the dashboard and will click on ‘add new’ to add new pages.


You can now edit your page by clicking on the ‘edit’ button and can insert images, videos accordingly.


Step 8: Keep on experimenting:

 As all the basics are done, now you can experiment with your website and can add many useful things which will help you gain more traffic.

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