The summoner can issue order to

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First, let’s talk about skills. The skill system in Blade and Soul is a little complex, but you need to know it to master the Summoner. Every skill has several different “forms.” These forms all have different strengths and weaknesses, and you can upgrade them to various “tiers” to make buy Blade and Soul power leveling them stronger. The different forms of Summoner skills vary greatly, and different builds rely on the specific characteristics of each form.

 Class Feature

The summoner can issue order to the beast for attacking enemies, or support combat in the rear.

Most of the moves of the summoner are related with beast, buy Blade and Soul power leveling so it has significant influence for the combat efficiency whether you have beast or not. The summoner has the lowest blood volume in all the classes, but it has high efficiency recovery means and safety situation when fighting.

Most of the combats depend on the summoning beast, so it is simple for training roles, but it has high requirement for the operation in PvP and other players’ combats.

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