How Can a Self-Service Portal Be Beneficial for Your Enterprise

Posted by CRMJetty on October 19th, 2021

According to statista, 88% of customer expects the brands to have an online self-service portal. Looking at the above stat, we can say that such solution is the need of an hour. The major benefit of IT self service portal is that it offers all the solutions in a single place. Such as knowledge base articles, FAQ pages, video tutorials, etc. 

Rather than calling, customers can enter their requests, track them, and take the help of educational content. 

Not only for the customers, but a self-service portal is also a hidden gem for your support executives and your business. Here is the detailed benefit of it. 

Benefits for Support Executives

Addressing Complex Queries

It used to take a lot of time to offering support through traditional means i.e. calls or email. But this is not the case with self-service portals. 

Self-service guides allow a decrease in the number of calls from the customers for simple queries. Therefore, the support executives can concentrate on solving complex problems that require more time.

Clarity of Activities

If you have an extensive list of customers, then a self-service portal can help your business. In the self-service portal, you can set the default workflow in your system. 

For example, your customer has an issue related to account login, it will be automatically assigned to the particular support agent. Because you can set the workflow in your portal for the activities and the support agents.  With this, there will be proper transparency among the organization. One can know who is accountable for each task. Summing up all this will reduce errors and increase productivity.

Overall Satisfaction 

Through a self-service portal, you can not only satisfy your customers but also satisfy your support executives. The support executive also holds as much significance as customer satisfaction does. 

If your self-service portal solves the doubts of your customers then it will automatically reduce the workload of your support executives. When support executives have reduced workload, they can perform better and would have better job satisfaction.

Benefits for Enterprise

Reduced Cost

In the self-service, there will be a lot of content and community support channels through which your customers can seek help. This will reduce the support cost with the case deflection through self-service channels. Also, it is not only about the reduced cost and the return on investment as 68% of customers will pay more to the company that offers good customer service.

Apart from that, with the knowledge management software, enterprises need not to employ personnel for resolving the small issues, for example, login or forgot password.

All the Data at Single Place

So collecting customers’ data regarding problems they are facing or what could be improved upon is crucial development of the business. As the data can be used for validating and structuring the long-term performances and strategy.

Your customer’s information on your product is like a treasured asset as it helps your brand grow positively with their inputs. 

Customer Satisfaction 

Having the service portal means you are available to your customers 24*7. Therefore customers can find the answers on their own at their convenient time. 

Even if they cannot find the solution on their own, the ticketing system is still there. They can generate the ticket regarding their issue and the support executives can provide the solution at best possible time. By any means, if you are solving the queries of your customers, you are making them satisfied. 


Being an IT enterprise, Self Service portal for IT support is a game-changer. You can provide tons of educational content and videos on it. This technique will not only be helpful to your customers but also to your customer executives that will help your enterprise grow.

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