How Can I Track My Train 24/7 Online?

Posted by RailMitra on December 7th, 2021

Passengers travelling by train always worry about knowing the train\\'s status, the current location of the train, arrival time, platform number, and any other train live running status information. So, if you want to use the best track my train mobile app to know these details, you should familiarize yourself with the RailMitra portal.

So, here we will discuss how you can track your train 24/7 online on mobile.

Track IRCTC Train Live 24/7

Track Indian railway Train Live 24/7 is important for passengers travelling for interviews, important exams, business trips, emergencies, or other essential things. Therefore, it is important to keep information about the train and convey it to your relatives waiting for you at your destination.

You need a Track My Train app to stay informed on the status of your train so you can enjoy the journey in peace and a relaxed state of mind. RailMitra is the best rail inquiry app that assists IRCTC passengers in tracking the live train status in real-time. The RailMitra app provides you with a wealth of current information about the IRCTC\\'s real-time train inquiries. Its efficient GPS navigation feature ensures that railway passengers, no matter where they travel, are always up to date on the state of their trains.

You may get up-to-date information on your train\\'s progress, location, anticipated arrival and departure times, any unforeseen delays, and the predicted station number or where the train will be arriving using RailMitra.

RailMitra Keep You Updated with Live Train Status Nonstop

RailMitra goes above and beyond to ensure that train passengers have a positive experience by offering a variety of passenger-friendly packages and bringing restaurant cuisine to train seats in response to various railway-related inquiries. It offers an easy interface in checking “where is my train” in all instances.

By staring at the Indian Railway train running status on display, a passenger can learn everything about his travel. The RailMitra app is equipped with advanced GPS navigation technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) that facilitates passengers with exact results from its massive and well-maintained train running status layout, back-end database containing detailed train specifics.

What Is The Process Of Checking The Train\\'s Live Running Status On Railmitra?

The following is the procedure for checking train running status on RailMitra:

  • To begin, go to or download the RailMitra App from the Google Play Store.
  • Select \\"Live Train Status\\" from the \\"Rail Tools\\" list.
  • You can check the train\\'s status after entering the train number.
  • As soon as you will enter the train number, the traveller\\'s name shows. When you click on the train, the train\\'s name will emerge.
  • Select one of three departure dates for the train: yesterday, today, or tomorrow.
  • Click on the \\"Check Live Status\\" option then.
  • The train schedule and its current running status will be displayed on the screen. This way, you can spot a train in real-time.

Why RailMitra app is the best for checking train live running status?

The RailMitra app is best for checking train live running status because of the following reasons:

  • Latest and accurate information - RailMitra\\'s AI-powered interface gives accurate and most up-to-date train live running status information to travellers. You can always rely on RailMitra\\'s app to track your train anytime, anywhere with the best details.
  • Relevant information - RailMitra gives you detailed train information like the train\\'s exact location, arrival and departure timings, coach information, and station numbers.
  • Easy navigation - The RailMitra\\'s website and mobile app are simple to use. The RailMitra app and website make finding all rail services simple. It offers you quick information so that you have a great experience.

How Can You Get An Accurate Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA) Of Any Indian Railway Train?

The estimated time of arrival of IRCTC trains approaching a station is referred to as the ETA. RailMitra provides a more precise ETA forecast. RailMitra predicts the ETA using machine learning approaches and algorithms based on the train\\'s previous running records. We advise that you schedule ahead of time with the RailMitra app.

Why Is It Important To Check Train Running Status?

There are several situations where travellers miss their trains due to various factors, such as being unable to spot the train on time. Because stations are generally busy, it becomes tough to go from one location to another in a short period of time. However, you may now quickly check the live railway status and locate your train and platform number without wasting time or effort.

When our family and friends travel alone, especially by rail, the ongoing concern never truly goes away. Because we don\\'t know where they are right now, all we can do is pray and hope. But, to keep your mind at ease, RailMitra now allows you to monitor the train\\'s operating condition and know where your loved ones are at the time.

Perks Of Using RailMitra App

The perks of using the RailMitra app for checking live train status are as follows:

  • It aids in the planning of a successful trip.
  • Make a plan for your vacation.
  • Vacationing with a lot of ease.

Final Thoughts

In the pre-digital period, planning and successfully executing a trip with maximum convenience was almost impossible due to unplanned circumstances that caused hurly-burly from the beginning to the end of the journey. The RailMitra\\'s digitization efforts have made it simple to plan a rail journey and answer the question- “How to track my train 24/7?”. So, you can now check the status of a train in real-time.

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