Why Should Anyone Check Time Table Of Train Online?

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Planning Rail Trips, Don't Forget To Check Time Table Of Train.

Indian Railways is the fourth-largest rail network in the world with 1.15,000 km of tracks spanning 65,000 miles. All because around 20 million people travel every day on Indian Railways train. More than 70,000 trains run on Indian Railways and over 11,000 locomotives.

Indian people love to travel by train which is the most common travel medium. Millions of people travel by train every day but not everyone has a good understanding of the train timing. Many of them have many reasons to offer preference to train travel, such as the running track sound, some want to communicate with other passengers, some like sightseeing, places, etc. Therefore, passengers should understand the Railway Time Table is really important.  

Knowing the train's time table will help travelers schedule their journeys ahead. The Indian Railways Schedule gives the timing of departure from source to destination and arrival. Traditionally the times at the respective stations are reported on a big board. In India, the book "Trains at a Glance" is published once a year to alert the trains to the passengers.

Are you planning your holidays, meetings or excursion? It’s important to look at your online time table and improve your holiday planning effectively. Simply Check the Train Schedule on the IRCTC website or other websites to consciously plan your trip first and then make sure it is arranged so that no trouble is caused at the end of the day. 

Thinking about how to search your train table, and how to save your precious time? Planning rail journeys and exploring the entire country?

What Railway Train Time Table Shows?

The Train Time Table gives a full run schedule of a specific train. The time table contains the timetable for each train, be it a train operating long distance or a train operating short distance. The timetable comprises train timings from the departure junction to the arrival railway station. Other information is clearly stated below:

  • Arrival and departure time of trains.

  • The overall route followed by the train, and halts.

  • The availability of seats, the running status of trains and their fares.

  • Changes to train routes, schedules 

  • Includes luxury trains, superfast trains, locals, express intercity and others.

Inquiry For All Train Is Easy

The Advantage of traversing the train time tables are described below:

  • The travelers can book the ticket anywhere and anytime and makes it simpler. 

  • It is most efficient and economic to book the tickets from home, office or while traveling itself. 

  • No need to go to the station or travel agents spending the extra money to book a ticket. 

  • Passengers no need to call the railway inquiry to know the timetable of their trains.

  • Since new trains and new routes come are introduced, it is significant to know the timetable of the train.

  • Easy to get the ticket in desired trains, via a timetable running along the same route. 

  • It is mandatory to test whether the train is running on a daily or weekly basis or on particular days, as people have to book reservations according to the same. 

  • If you are verified with respect to the train you wish to travel in, you may check the details.

  • It helps in comparing ticket prices of other trains.

Database of Train time table

The latest and accurate train time table for the IRCTC or Indian railways is based on real-time data from the Indian Railways with consistently updated results. It shows the details of trains running, train operating days, train timings and many more options


How to Check the Train Schedule Quickly

You can simply enter the train name or train number. Then select the date of your choice and click on the "Search Train" option. After you complete the process, the following search results will appear:

1. Arrival and departure time

2. Halt timing

3. Station names

4. The origin station

5. Station code

6. Timing of intermediate stations

7. List of intermediate station

Carry Your Offline Train Time Table

Just imagine if you were trapped in someplace with no access to the Internet. The only option left for you, in this case, is to check it off the nearest railway station. Your call will never get attended in most situations because they are not physically involved in their chair at the counter of the inquiry. Yet not all of the regular commuters, for a number of reasons, have access to mobile Internet. But this does not mean that the Indian railway schedule is not needed for people without mobile data plans. There are currently several mobile apps available for offline timetables access. Checking Indian Railway Time Table is a hassle-free choice, without going online. This is a timetable that, much like the printed versions, will remain with you without Internet access.

Mobile App:

Railmitra mobile app is your single stop for all information on trains. 


Excursions on the rail are all about passion, fun, excitement, pleasure, memories, etc. Make the most of it, use the technology, access the train time table, make planning a comprehensive one and enjoy the trip. Always keep data handy before traveling by trains.

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