The Best Ways to Sell Used Baby Toys

Posted by sanjeev rai on February 2nd, 2022

Are you sick and tired of legos, action figures and stuffed toys taking over your house? Chances are, the clutter will only pile up if you don\'t find a viable solution quickly, and no, binning them is not the best can do. Since kids\' toys last only as long as they\'re in fashion, lots of children stop playing with toys that are still in great condition. Yet somehow they find themselves in the depths of your couch or as a ‘not so pleasant’ surprise when you have the misfortune of stepping on them. We’re here to tell you that you can rid yourself of this menace and make a few bucks while you’re at it! 

Children go through toys faster than we can keep up. This has given rise to a thriving preloved children’s toys market where parents can declutter their homes and sell used kid\'s toys online at a variety of online used toys stores. Buying and selling used children\'s items help you reclaim your indoor space, reduce waste, recycle and recoup some of your costs all at the same time! Here are some ways to sell your used baby toys online effectively.

  • Check Condition: Gather all the used children’s toys you want to get rid of and scope them thoroughly for any issues with their present condition. If you have missing parts on an action figure or stuffed toy that you can fix back then try and do it. Ultimately, any toys that are incomplete or broken should ideally be donated. Avoid binning wherever possible. 
  • Make Them Presentable: After you have sorted through the toys that are in the best condition, get them ready for sale. Clean where needed and make them look nice. Remember, the better the condition, the better the price you can ask for. 
  • Documentation Helps: Having extensive documentation and pictures can go a long way in making a sale. Take detailed pictures and get creative with descriptions. If there is a personal story of how a toy brought joy to your child then include it in the documentation. It can help parents feel a more personal connection and maybe encourage them to buy the item. 
  • Find a Community: The Share Bear is an excellent platform that hosts a large community of parents that buy and sell secondhand children’s items. The preloved toys market is growing as people are more concerned with mitigating waste as much as possible. 
Selling your preloved children’s toys can help the environment and give the toy a new life by allowing another child to love it as your own child once did. Visit The Share Bear today and check out the market for yourself!

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