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Posted by Danyking on June 6th, 2016

NCSoft has published a Producer’s letter in which Blade and Soul Producer Nico Coutant has announced that the new Soul Fighter class will launch in the North America and Europe servers on June 22. What do you feel about it? Here Safewow gives you a brief analysis about it. For cheap gold Blade and Soul for sale, come to Safewow.


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Soul Fighter class will launch in North America and Europe servers on June 22.

NCSoft has confirmed that Soul Fighter class will be arriving in the North America and Europe servers on June 22. If you haven’t forgotten, the class is a mix of Force Master and Kung Fu Master. Players can be able to switch between offensive and defensive stances.

There will a free character slot, Thank You Package, and additional bonuses etc.

To satisfy players confused about what is coming out and when, Coutant includes a graphic roadmap of the remainder of 2016. So you know just when to expect dungeons, gear, classes, and skills.
As shown in the graphic, players don’t have to worry about new weapons for the rest of the year with the exception of the 3-6 Legendary. Coutant does note that a Legendary is not necessary to complete any of the new content. Every player will receive a free character slot for a limited time and there will be the return of the very popular XP Event. Also there will be additional bonuses for returning players and those who level up new characters. Besides, Arena PVP Spectacular Mode is in development and planned to be released this summer. In addition, NCSoft is going to send a Thank You Package to all of their Newsletter subscribers towards the end of June.

How to get Thank You Package?

For those who are concerned about ways to get Thank You Package, there is a way. In your Account Management Settings page, at the bottom, there is a checkbox saying “Sign up for our news” or something of the sort. There is the best way of ensuring you to get the Thank You Package since NCSoft will only deliver the package to your account.

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