User-Friendly Interface: What Are the Top Features of 55-Inch TVs?

Posted by tanjnipache on September 19th, 2023

If you are on the lookout to redefine your home’s entertainment, investing in a 55-inch 4K smart TV is the best option. The television technology is ever-evolving and the QLED TVs have emerged as a game-changer. Offering numerous benefits, these 55-inch smart TVs have emerged as the preferred choice for consumers.

QLED TV refers to a Quantum Dot LED TV. The quantum dot technology is what makes these televisions different from your usual LED TV. If you are still stuck with an LED TV, it’s time to upgrade. But what is a QLED TV and how it redefines your viewing experience? Here are some crucial aspects to know about 55-inch QLED TVs and their features.

Things to Know About a QLED TV

The quantum dots are nanocrystals that comprise semiconductor materials. The main objective behind using the quantum dot is to develop different colours to make the viewing experience immersive for users. The quantum dot technology is also responsible for enhancing colour accuracy and brightness, which results in a wider colour gamut. Some of the key benefits of a 55-inch QLED TV are as follows:

  • Provides Unmatched Colour Accuracy

One of the key highlights of quantum dots is their ability to emit precise colours when exposed to light. Colours appear more vibrant and truer to life, which ultimately makes videos and images realistic.

  • Enhanced Brightness

When compared to standard LED or LCD TVs, the quantum technology in a 4K television offers higher levels of brightness. So, if you prefer HDR content, investing in a smart TV that uses this technology is a smart choice.

  • Reduced Degradation of Colours

Over prolonged use, colour degradation is common in LED and LCDs. The quantum dot displays are most susceptible to colour degradation. Therefore, a QLED smart TV offers you long-lasting picture quality.

  • Better Viewing Angles

Another key highlight of a 55-inch QLED TV is that it offers better viewing angles. At times, their display can be compared to OLED panels in high-end smart TVs. The quality of the image remains uniform when viewed from various angles. So, if you have a medium-sized living room, installing a QLED TV is the best option.

  • Energy Efficient Display Technology

Do you know that smart TVs equipped with the quantum dot display technology are energy efficient? These panels can produce brighter and more vibrant images while using less power compared to some other display technologies. It also plays an active role in prolonging the lifespan of the display.

  • A Sustainable Display Technology

Quantum dot is an eco-friendly display technology. Typically, these panels use fewer hazardous materials compared to LED and LCD panels.

Picture Quality of the Highest Standards

At the core of a 55-inch QLED 4K TV is the exceptional picture quality. The term 4K refers to the ultra-high definition resolution and provides four times the detail of the standard FHD. It ensures the viewer gets razor-sharp images, vibrant colours and high clarity.

TVs Integrated with Smart Home Interconnectivity

Besides the display and other TV-specific technologies, the best 55-inch televisions can control your smart home devices. Most of these TVs come with Google Home installed, which is a one-stop solution to control smart devices. With the smart home interconnectivity feature, you can set the thermostat, dim the lights and control your smart appliances.

Dolby Atmos Immersive Audio

If you think that QLED TVs only excel in producing visuals, you are wrong. They also offer a powerful audio experience, which takes your TV viewing experience a notch higher. With the Dolby Atmos audio, you will get 3D surround sound. High-voltage sports and action flicks become livelier with 55-inch QLED TVs.

Furthermore, the top 4K 55-inch TV features DTS smart audio processing. It is a post-processing acoustic technology that provides you with the ultimate experience. These TVs can produce sounds that rival your home stereos.

MagiConnect in Smart TVs

Note that the top QLED 4K TV comes with the MagiConnect feature. It is a high-end functionality that allows you to operate your television with a smartphone. Furthermore, it also lets you capture screenshots of your favourite TV shows and OTT content.  

It can be rightly said that a 55-inch 4K TV has redefined our living room entertainment experience. From quantum dot technology to smart features like MagiConnect, the best 4K TVs are worth investing in. Bring home a 55-inch QLED TV and experience its amazing features.   

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