The richness of Tirunelveli halwa

Posted by hitnat12345 on August 22nd, 2016

There is something that we always love to munch or try out at least once... probably this dessert would fall in any of this categories. If it doesn't fall then you must try! It is something that, Yes! I'm speaking about Tirunelveli halwa. I am wholly a dessert lover and have examined almost all delightful dessert but this is absolutely a tempting sweet that we just can't end up with up one spoon.  

This tasted traditional Indian sugary delight which is founded from Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. The Iruttukadai store markets the best quality Halwa's from ages. The shop is quite old installed probably in the year 1900s and still have that heavy crowd almost all day.

What makes it so extraordinary? I believe is probably the soil or passion for cooking may be even the water from Thambiraparnai river. The ingredients they use to prepare this yummiest recipe are very healthy like Godhumai (wheat), jiggery, an affluence of pure ghee and cashew nuts with no preservatives. The delicious aroma and the pure dark reddish color have its own silky texture (they cook this on brick oven till they get that smooth texture). Wheat is reasonably the most common cereal prepared all over the world and has got ample of demand since it has got a factory of vitamins and mineral and sugar is an essential key that drives the body sufficient of energy and Ghee it is rich in the oil solvable with vitamins A and E, ghee does not plunder the halwa quickly and so as the days passes by the Tirunelveli halwa is going to nurture distinct flavors. How can we forget the greatness of cashew nut that holds bags of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that holds us crunchy and sweetie?

Now-a-days there are many stores in Tirunelveli to purchase halwa, the beasties apart from Iruttukadai shop would be, Lakshmi Vilas, Shanthi Halwa Store, Thangaiah Sweets and Chandra sweets most of these shops maintain the excellent quality and obviously value for your money!. Those who have loads of time and passion to cook can try it at home but as a business mind or when we run out of time, People approach from different states and take away bulk order and export it, an another way of growing as a entrepreneur.

 Now,  the technology boomed it is never an issue for those who don't like to travel or cant travel the Tirunelveli  halwa arrive at your doorstep as fresh as it is with some cool deals an another way to increase the reputation through their online stores. The sell mostly happen in 1/4th or 1/2 KG preserved packs before they ship. The richness of ghee and other healthy ingredients are probably the stars that make it so heavenly. Try it out yourself it just melts through your palate and more importantly this can be munched by all age groups. Iam sure you would buy another pack very soon just after the moment you taste

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