Description of magnesia carbon brick

Posted by annesheldon on September 5th, 2016

Magnesia carbon brick is made from high purity magnesia sand and additive agent. Manufacturing process include mixing raw material, shaping by pressure machine and drying with high temperature kiln.

Magnesia carbon brick is widely applied for converter furnace, ladle, electric furnace and blast furnace and so on.

Raw material can influence brick’s quality directly. Generally speaking, magnesia sand for magnesia carbon brick include fused magnesite and magnesite clinker. Fused magnesite clinker with performance of large grain, high purity, less Silicate phase and high direct binding degree. While magnesite clinker with smaller grain ,more Silicate phase and poor direct binding degree. So magnesia carbon brick made from fused magnesite is more expensive.

We are professional manufacture for magnesia carbon brick, and factory is located in place of manufacturing for magnesia sand. All the bricks made from high quality fused magnesite or magnesite clinker according to brick application.

We not only provide products, but also can design and install bricks for your furnace. There have many kinds of refractory products in our factory.Such as fire brick for sale ,refractory nozzle ,refractory castbale .If you need any magnesia carbon brick, please inform your furnace type and applied department, and exactly recommendation can be provided for you.

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