Solder Stencils - An Electronic Assembly Material That Fits Your Needs

Posted by Alphaassembly on October 24th, 2016

Solder stencils are an integral part of electronic assembling process. They are also the most extensively used assembly tool in the manufacturing of large or small printed circuit boards. Solder stencils are basically used to print the solder paste over the printed circuit board. This article will provide readers with a detailed study about solder stencils and how they fit within your electronic manufacturing needs.

Solder stencils – function
The prime function of a solder stencil is to effectively transfer the solder paste to an exposed area of a circuit board. Once the appropriate solder stencil is aligned properly over the top of the circuit board, the solder paste is applied. Subsequently, when the solder stencil is removed, the solder paste remains on the circuit board, all set for the soldering process of PCB assembly.

Solder stencils – types
Usually, the stencils are made up of stainless steel or nickel. There are various methods by which different kinds of solder stencils can be made, like laser cutting, E-Fab stencil, stencil design, etc. These different types are used as per the circuit board to be manufactured and customized as per PCB design. Out of these variants, the laser-cut solder paste stencils are the most widely used and is mounted on a stencil frame with the use of a mesh border.

Solder stencils – importance
Solder stencil is a neat electronic assembly tool that helps the solder paste to achieve the best fit on the surface of the mounted component of PCB. They make it easy for the solder to get at the right place of circuit board without short circuiting the board or breaking it. Often it is seen that the minutest parts of the board can be difficult to apply the paste to, as they can be hard or fragile, but with the help of solder stencils, it becomes extremely easy to achieve targeted and precise application of solder paste at the right place.

Solder stencils – advantages
Solder stencils are a great electronic assembly tool as compared to the conventional hand soldering process. Traditionally, these solder stencils were made on a laser cutter or by some compounds and elements which were sent to the PCB manufacturer for approval before PCB assembly. This process was lengthy and consumed a lot of time. Today, the new-age solder stencils are technically sound. They save you time and have immensely improved the efficiency in the PCB assembly process. Another advantage is that the solder stencils are perfect in maintaining consistency in PCB assembling and soldering process.  

Hope this article justifies explaining the importance of solder stencil as a great electronic assembly material ways of its usage in PCB assembling.

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