The modulation of brick with refractory

Posted by annesheldon on December 21st, 2016

The modulation of fire brick with refractory mud should follow the following principles:

(1) Pre-test and pre-masonry of various refractory mortars should be made before bricklaying to determine the bonding time, initial setting time, consistency and water consumption of different muds.

(2) modulation of different mud to use different equipment, and timely cleaning;

(3) modulation of different quality mud to use clean water, water to weigh accurately, to reconcile to be uniform, with the tone with the use. Has been prepared a good hydraulic and gas-hard mud can not be used with water, has been the initial setting of the mud may not continue to use;

(4) phosphate slurry with slurry to ensure that the provisions of the time to ensure that the expected refractory material, with the use with the tone, the mud has been modulated well without any water dilution. This mud is corrosive and must not be in direct contact with the metal shell.

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