Why people love gardening?

Posted by lasher on December 21st, 2016

People love gardening for different reasons that are quite important since they have changed their entire lifestyle.  It is wonderful and create awe when you know how one simple hobby changed their entire time, attitude and taste.  The quality of life changes drastically.  It has been observed that people involved in gardening become highly active over a period of time.  The positive air and aura around them naturally has that magnetic power attracts others easily.  Without any conscious efforts they have become friendly with others.  Of course people give plenty of reasons why they got involved in this versatile hobby. 

The one thing everybody noticed here is, it is great relaxing tool, it allows yourself to express your creative in a plenty of manners.  Apart from physical exercise without your consciousness, it is a great coordinator providing excellent eye to hand coordination.  Even though many other works also do the same thing, it is extremely involuntary here.  Tools and equipment in gardening is also not very expensive and it is affordable.  One need not be rich to adopt gardening in their backyard or in their front pavement or parking area. 

It will give you a great outdoor area where each and every inch of open space is filled with one or other variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and vines.  Families having their own gardens inculcate love of nature to their children.  It automatically gets transferred from generation to generation.  I have seen people who feel lost when they cannot do any gardening work or if they cannot spend time near soil and fresh air.  When it comes to gardening you cannot forget about gardening tools.  They are the integral part without which one cannot enjoy the work. 

Even though it is a joyful hobby, you need to protect yourself from thorns, splinters, and things that might affect your bare skin.  Therefore cover yourself using suitable accessories.  Use gardening gloves.  It will provide good grip and protection against thorns, splinters, and fertilizers.  Tools and equipment in gardening play significant role in the maintenance work. An hour spent daily in your garden gives abundant end results and immense joy. 


Some tools are necessary for beginners, while some are essential for those who are well into the advanced gardening.  Hand trowel is one of the essential tools for beginners and experienced gardeners.  Spade is another significant tool that you cannot forget in tool kit.  Rake is another useful, yet inexpensive tool which helps you to remove the debris around the plants.  If you are having wide area then you may also need a wheelbarrow.  It is a simple and inexpensive product that assists you carrying hundreds of pounds without any strain.

It is sheer joy when you see your plants are growing, sprouting tiny leaves from the seeds, growing big and wide.  Along with the plants you also see some unwanted weeds growing together bothering the growth of other plants and they also spoil the beauty of your garden.  You need pruning shears and edge shears to mend this problem.  Don’t forget to include professional stainless steel scissors to your kit. 

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