Beginners Guide on Liquid Soldering Flux

Posted by Alphaassembly on February 23rd, 2017

Soldering is an important aspect of electronics manufacturing, and to make it work, manufacturers must use an appropriate type of solder and flux. Solder will not always bond properly to components, resulting in common soldering issues such as solder bridging, bad solder joints and wetting issues. In some cases, it may not bind the joint at all. Hence, manufacturers add a flux agent and use it at the right temperature to resolve those issues. Liquid soldering flux reacts with oxide layers and cleans the metal surfaces to make them more suitable for soldering. It may provide a better solder bond, too. Flux stays on the metal’s surface during the soldering process to prevent more oxides from forming, which occurs because of the high heat from soldering.

Choosing a liquid soldering flux should depend on certain factors. When the solder melts, it becomes a joint between the two metal surfaces, and it create a metallurgical bond as it reacts chemically with other metals. To ensure a good bond, the solder must be metallurgically compatible with metals being bonded, and the metal surfaces must be free of dust, grime, and oxides. Dust and grime can be eliminated by cleaning, or prevented by practicing proper storage methods. Oxides, however, may require another cleaning method because they aren’t as easy to clean as dirt and grime. This is where flux may be needed.

For some applications, the flux in the solder wire’s core is already sufficient. However, there are many applications where liquid soldering flux may be required, such as desoldering or surface mount soldering. High-quality liquid soldering flux must have less aggressive or less acidic properties, but capable of working on oxide to ensure an excellent solder bond. Some of the best liquid soldering fluxes are environmentally friendly, while ensuring unmatched performance in various soldering applications. Alcohol-based fluxes are known for their virtually defect-free results, excellent wetting properties, and high-line throughput across many different applications.

When buying liquid soldering flux, always choose to get it from a supplier that carries high-quality and specially formulated fluxes that are safer for humans, electronics, and the environment. The latest fluxes are formulated using the latest technologies while following the strictest standards for consistency and quality.

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