5 Things To Keep In Mind In Post-Production

Posted by Satyam Raj on March 15th, 2017

Post Production studios are gaining an edge in the industry due to their exceptional contribution in film making. One of the humungous and important phases of film making, post production goes through many channels like dubbing studios, editing studios, colour correction, etc. before the final version is out. Post production can drastically enhance the viewing experience of your project. It is time consuming as well. A post production manager needs to be vigilant about his work and must look at every minute of the detail so as to eliminate any errors or disasters in the project. Here are 5 things one should keep in mind while handling post production –

  1. Organize
    Post production is quite a lengthy and a huge task. Commencing work without putting a proper thought to it can lead to disaster. It always pays off to brainstorm with the team, the creative talent, film casting team, technical operators, the post production supervisors and everyone involved. Jot down the ideas and make a ‘go ahead’ chart. Also, label your clips appropriately with proper descriptions so it becomes easier for you to search them anytime you want.This will give you a channelized approach to the project and help speed up the process.
  2. Be Consistent
    Frame rates and formats are very important aspect of post-production. Any inconsistency in this can completely sway off your project and leave you nowhere. Whatever format and frame rate you wish to work with, ensure you discuss and agree upon well in advance. It is also important inform your data wrangler and camera team of this before the shoot begins.
  3. Reviews
    Editing studios provide a perfect milieu for your review edits. However, be smart with your edit reviews. Plan your reviews online. Make copies of the reviews available online to your editors, broadcaster, clients, so they can review. This will certainly save hell lot of time for you and other involved. Also, it will save you from hassle of coordinating with others for reviews.
  4. Sound Effects & Colour Correction
    Dubbing studios are a great avenue in adding / creating sound effects to the movie. A movie project is invigorated with the sound effects. More sound issues during the shoot means more time in sound correction and adding new sound effects. So even before you reach post-production stage, look at the shoot stage and ensure you get quality sound at that level. This will certainly save you a lot of time and you can focus on other aspects of post-production then. Let the colour correction be your final take. It’s important that you maintain a uniformity throughout the clips and movie.
  5. Save
    It’s good to be passionate and get involved in what you are doing. However, hours of creativity and hard work can just go down the drain if you haven’t bothered to save your work. Any technical issue can cause this. So, don’t, don’t, don’t forget to save your work!!!

Take care of these and you are sure on your way to finalizing a wonderful project.

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