Cruise Ships - Then And Now

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

When you think of taking a trip to another country, there is no doubt you immediately consider airline ticket prices. But, that was not always the most popular mode of travel. Before there were 747 jetliners to ferry people across oceans, the way to travel was by cruise ship. But when it came to the masses, they were not necessarily the luxury vessels we are used to seeing today.

Everyone has seen the blockbuster movie, Titanic. It tells a story about a couple that fell in love on the fateful ship before her sinking. While it may just be a story of fiction, it also gave you a little glimpse into what it was really like to be aboard this method of transportation years ago. As you saw in the movie, not everyone was treated equally aboard the cruise ship. There were the very elite customers who were served everything on a silver platter, but on the lower decks were those who were just hoping to get from one place to another and were forced to scrape by in an area where they were packed as tightly as a can of sardines. If you wanted to enjoy your trip, you had to be filthy rich.

Back in those days, there were not quite as many cruise liners as there are today. Those that were in existence were names that everyone knew. Some of the names you may recognize are the Lusitania and the Queen Mary.

For a while, the popularity of luxury cruise travel waned, but it had resurgence in the 1970?s. It was all thanks to a television show, The Love Boat. The staff on the television sitcom showed how great of a time passengers were having. They showed passengers relaxing, playing a number of fun games, meeting new friends over great meals, and getting to see new places. People started booking holiday cruises again hoping to cash in on some of the excitement. And for the most part the cruise lines delivered. They offered people a chance to stand on the deck and watch as they headed to new worlds, unexplored to them. In one trip they would allow those on board to see a lot of places they had never been before, and give them a great setting to talk about it at the end of the day. Some cruises didn?t even have an end destination, they merely were ?cruises to nowhere?, a chance to experience cruise ship life for a few days. The trend never really died and has been popular ever since.

What is involved in a cruise has changed from the early years. While you can still take a transatlantic cruise, that is not the most popular choice. There are now a number of 3, 4, 7, and 10 days cruises to a variety of destinations. The accommodations are no longer just lush or poor, but instead a number of different cabin choices at a wide array of prices. Because of the variety, anyone today can enjoy a cruise, no matter what his or her budget.

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