Top 5 reasons to choose 4K over 2K

Posted by Satyam Raj on June 21st, 2017

Are you aware of the 4K Digital cinema? If not you must note that the 4 K digital Cinema can indeed deliver a far superior quality pictures. In recent times 4K Negative Scanning has made a key difference in the world of motion pictures. With it, audience can get a complete immersive and emotional entertainment experience. The movies which are projected over 4K would make the images being projected come to life. As a film production house or someone connected with the business of movies, you canbe sure that it would make a big difference to your business.

Why you would choose 4K over 2K?

1. It is the cutting edge technology which makes the difference
The cutting edge technology for the 4K digital cinema projector is what makes a significant difference. It is what enables it to provide a complete immersive experience and makes it most realistic cinematic experience to the viewers. Often some may assume that the viewer would not be able to difference. However this is a wrong assumption. There is a major difference which most viewers would easily make out.

2. It provides 4 times the details provided by the detail of Full HD
The details in terms of the clarity of image and overall experience delivered by the 4K film negative scanning are amazing indeed. Just to give you an idea a 4 K image contains 4096 x 2160 pixels. This is over 8 megapixels (which means a million pixels). In comparison to the picture quality of the Full HD TV at home which is usually about (1920X1080 pixels), this is about 4 times the number. So you can well imagine the difference you can have in terms of picture quality.

3. Every pixel of the images projected through 4K digital cinemas is extremely clear
The reason viewing experience  in case of 4K digital cinemas is far superior over the 2K is not only in terms of the overall number of pixels on the projected images. It is also the fact that each pixel of image is much clearer in case of the former which therefore helps it to deliver a much more complete viewing experience.

4. It also offers a much more striking contrast 
As an expert in the field you would know that the picture quality of the image gets enhancedmany times with a more striking contrast. The images delivered over the 4K digital cinema projectors have a very high contrast ratio. To put it in simple terms this is the difference between the dark and the lighter parts of the same image or scene. It could mean a twinkling star in the midst of a pitch dark night sky.

5. It is suitable for cinemas of any size 
Be it any size of screen from the smaller independent ones to the massive multiplexes but the results with the 4K digital cinemas makes viewing spectacular in all. The results delivered by this path breaking technology would draw the largest audiences just to experience this truly amazing cinematic experience.

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