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Posted by Avijit on August 30th, 2010

Passwords are the key to any secrets of your personal and sensitive information. Once they are stolen or hacked, your financial and personal information will compromised within few minutes. So it is very much necessary to keep your password in a safe storage. Password Manager software protecting your password against any un-authorized access; There are lots of password management software available on the Internet. Some of them are commercial and some of free to use. Here is a small listing about free password managers -

Access Manager 2.1.58

Access Manager is a powerful software solution that keeps your entire password in one place. This software offers fast, easy and secure password storage. One of the master passwords is all that is needed to access your entire password. You can edit your password & Drag and Drop or copy password to the web pages. Strong password encryption helps you to keeps to password secure. When you input right password into Access Manager then only you will be able to get the complete access all of your other passwords. Access Manager provides numbers of great features, they are - Website password storage, Credit card and
private PIN numbers, Computer logon password, Telephone banking password, Email password, Software access password, Doors entry and alarm codes. The latest version of the software is - 2.1.58 size ? 2.0 MB.

Any Password 1.44

Any Password is a tool that lets you store and arranges all your passwords, This program saves those information into encrypted files which will protected by a master password. You can find any stored information using the incremental search feature.  The latest version of the software is ? 1.44 size ? 640 KB.

KeePass Password Safe 2.12

KeePass Password Safe is a freeware password manager that manages your password into one database, which is locked by a master password. This software has many features like - Strong security, Multiple user password, Export to Txt, Html, XML and CSV files, Easy Database Transfer, Multi language support and many more? The latest version of the software is ? 2.12 size ? 1.85 MB.

Above mentioned free password managers available today on Internet; you can select one of them for your personal use. Those software best for those people, who use random passwords, single passwords in everywhere. They are very effective to remember them their password without any hassle. If you are using too many passwords, it is very much important for you to keep your entire password in a safe place. You can use one of them to meet your purpose.

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