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Free Backup and Recovery software
Data is a most valuable asset in any organization. Backup and Recovery can be a great tool to keep this asset safe. Backup data will make it possible to recover the lost data in a timely fashion to keep your business up and running.Cobian Backup 10.1Cobian Backup is important multi threaded program that can be used to create schedule and backup your files an...
log file, latest version, cobian backup, backup event, backup, file, files - Posted by Avijit - Posted 10 Years Ago

Free Registry Cleaning Software
If you are using Windows operating system, the chances are most that you will encounter different types of Windows registry related problems. Microsoft Windows has a registry system, registry working similar like - central nervous system of a computer. This is a centralized directory that will help you to store all types of settings, changes, information rel...
windows registry, registry cleaner, system care, registry cleaning, system, software, registry - Posted by Avijit - Posted 10 Years Ago

Google Adsense ? a way of earning
You have a personal website, or a hobby web site and you want to make some money from your website then Google AdSense you perfect choice for you. It is equally more profitable for those web sites, who have huge visitors. Now the question is ?What is Google AdSense?? well Google AdSense is a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertisement publishing platform for website o...
google adsense, google s, embed code, s advertisement, site, google, advertisement - Posted by Avijit - Posted 10 Years Ago

Best free compression software
You want to send large amount of images to your friend, or want to send some important document to your office employees in a protected manner, you are not able find the utility software to do so, hopefully a compression software may help you a lot. Using compression software, you can compress thousands of files into a single compressed file. Some of the com...
latest version, compression software, user friendly, those commercial, software, compression, zip - Posted by Avijit - Posted 10 Years Ago

Best Free Memory optimizing software
Every Microsoft Windows user faced a common problem; computer suddenly displays an Error message, - ?Program is not Responding?, which is usually the result of unwanted shutdown. There are so many reason that your computer might be operating a little on the slow side. Spyware, uninstalled program and bad security software can all be reasons for a show runnin...
memory optimization, free memory, optimization tool, free up, software, memory, free - Posted by Avijit - Posted 10 Years Ago

Free Project Management Software
The name suggests, the task of the software is to maintain the project related data and information. Regardless of what projects they are ? may be a software project or a construction project, the software will keep the project related data effectively. Here is a list of some free project management tools; you can get enough details regarding them from this ...
project management, management software, free project, project managers, software, project, task - Posted by Avijit - Posted 10 Years Ago

Easy SEO Tips for beginners
Every web master and web site owners expecting good visitor traffic towards their site, the process of grabbing the new visitor every day is not a simple task. The entire process is called SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is not any software or any programming techniques; it is just a set of best practices and some other web site promoting ...
search engine, page seo, search engines, major search, seo, search, page - Posted by Avijit - Posted 10 Years Ago

Best Free Password Manager Software
Passwords are the key to any secrets of your personal and sensitive information. Once they are stolen or hacked, your financial and personal information will compromised within few minutes. So it is very much necessary to keep your password in a safe storage. Password Manager software protecting your password against any un-authorized access; There are lots ...
password manager, latest version, free password, entire password, software, password, passwords - Posted by Avijit - Posted 10 Years Ago

How to get more visitors for your site?
Are you a new web site owner and don?t have enough visitor for your web site? Or you are one of them who tried so many visitor driving techniques and frustrated at last ? if you fallen one of those categories please read ahead ? There is some basic question you should ask before launching any web site marketing campaign or promoting techniques. The basic que...
social networking, user base, online marketing, marketing strategy, marketing, site, those - Posted by Avijit - Posted 10 Years Ago

System Cleaning Software
After a certain period, you feel that, your computer performance is not well, it will take a really long time to start up and shutdown, some times other application software takes more time to load, some mysterious errors and the problem is ? you know your computer is not infected with any virus or other malicious software. Because your updated anti-virus do...
system cleaner, cleaning software, zappit system, washer pro, system, software, files - Posted by Avijit - Posted 10 Years Ago

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