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Joined: August 9th, 2010
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Best Free Password Manager Software
Passwords are the key to any secrets of your personal and sensitive information. Once they are stolen or hacked, your financial and personal information will compromised within few minutes. So it is very much necessary to keep your password in a safe storage. Password Manager software protecting your password against any un-authorized access; There are lots ...
password manager, latest version, free password, entire password, software, password, passwords - Posted by Avijit - Posted 7 Years Ago

Joomla – an excellent open source CMS
Joomla is an open source CMS (Content Management System) Application. Joomla usually used for creating themed websites. There are numbers of CMS system available on Internet, but usually they are costly, there are another type of CMS is open source. The main reason of using Joomla is – it is extremely easy-to-use and easy to implement in your server. Joomla ...
open source, source cms, those language, social networking, joomla, cms, extensions - Posted by Avijit - Posted 7 Years Ago

Ubuntu – a free operating system
Ubuntu is a Debian based Linux operating system; it is also have GUI based file manager and other Windows look and feel features. It can run in older hardware, means no hardware upgrade required. It is one of the most popular Linux distribution in the world. If you are a Microsoft Windows user and looking for a replacement of your operating system; then Ubun...
operating system, ubuntu linux, cloud computing, canonical ltd, ubuntu, linux, software - Posted by Avijit - Posted 7 Years Ago

Why you use Magento for your online store?
Open source e-commerce solution now has a booming market. Most of the online store owners change their stores by using those open sources, free and advanced shopping cart solutions. Magento is one of them; it has excellent shopping cart and payment features including the enhanced SEO modules. Now the question is – why we are using Magento for online store? H...
online store, site administration, shopping cart, e commerce, magento, store, site - Posted by Avijit - Posted 7 Years Ago

Create your first website using WordPress
You want to make your web presence, and don’t want to create static website? You have a solution now. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platform, using this you can create your own website like a CMS (Content Management System). It is a open source and free CMS plus Blogging platform. WordPress has numbers of advantages -·    Easy ...
rss feed, plug ins, search engine, wordpress manually, wordpress, content, site - Posted by Avijit - Posted 7 Years Ago

Top 9 WordPress Plug In for Your Blog
WordPress is a wonderful CMS platform for web publishers; primarily it is used for blogging, but now a day, some web masters using this platform to create their dynamic websites. WordPress is very much expandable and customizable using available plug-ins. Plug-ins are the small piece of code / program, which enables some extra potentiality into the CMS. Mean...
plug ins, contact form, wordpress plug, very much, plug, ins, blog - Posted by Avijit - Posted 7 Years Ago

Urban Terror - A Free FPS Game
Whether you are a gamer or not, if you are like someone who want to play computer games for fun, free Fist Person Shooting game is ideal for everyone. The most surprising thing is – now a days, there are lots of companies release their games free of cost. They are very colorful, advanced and of course they are entertaining. They have much better quality then...
urban terror, don t, game play, those games, game, games, urban - Posted by Avijit - Posted 7 Years Ago

Top 5 Video Players
Nowadays, computer not only used for work, nearly every aspects of life can related to the computer. Before few years later, people will watch movies in theater, or in TV by using VHS or some other media playing devices. Still, people using CD and DVD players for watching movies in their house.  But what’s about those individuals? Who wants to enjoy mov...
media player, media players, latest version, gom player, windows, video, player - Posted by Avijit - Posted 7 Years Ago

Create Your Poster Absolutely Free
If you want to create your own posters without any costs, hopefully you can get some better idea from this article.  There are some common techniques can give you a professional looking and creating poster for you special purpose. The poster creation includes the following stapes – before you do anything, you must create a template for your poster. The ...
poster forge, professional looking, poster creating, creating software, software, posters, poster - Posted by Avijit - Posted 7 Years Ago

Best Free Accounting Softwares
Now a days, numbers of free accounting system available in the Internet, the main reason of their popularity is – they are free and some of them are open source software, not only that, some of the software are web enabled features. Using that feature, you can implement in your business places and track them from your location. They are completely free from ...
microsoft office, office accounting, accounting express, free accounting, software, microsoft, free - Posted by Avijit - Posted 7 Years Ago

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