How is the quality of Hamilton watches?

Posted by jewelrybrand on August 8th, 2017

Hamilton watch is the American watch brand, but also one of the members of the Swatch Group. Hamilton’s products tend to sport, combined with Swiss watchmaking technology. At the same time have the quality and fashion, is one of the best choice for young people! Hamilton watch quality how?
How is the quality of Hamilton watches?
Evaluation of a: is the mid-range brand table, workmanship and movement is also fairly good, compared to Tissot, then, personally think that HAMILTON is still better point, take the more on time, the market is still in the development stage, false table is relatively small, Suggest that if you want to start, then there is no need to have other aspects of care
Evaluation of two: line brand in a good choice, not much to know the domestic, with a commercial occasion do not buy, Hamilton’s table is not commercial use.
Evaluation of three: this brand of watches is very good, the design Cartier love bracelet replica style is very rough, it is the kind of MAN! And Longines are completely two opposing style! Although the brand is not a grade, but the quality did not have to say, very good!
Evaluation 4: If you are a man, Hamilton pilot series quartz watch is very atmospheric, very MAN, very texture. Suitable for advocating freedom, personality you. If it is a lady, recommend classic models, retro elegant style, very hot.
Evaluation of five: In fact, I always feel Hamilton this brand is very marginal, first US military watch was acquired by Switzerland, a bit nondescript meaning.
Noble and luxurious sports watch introduction
Luxury in the movement of the full personality! This is the luxury sports watch, the French called belle montres, English called fine watches. Specially designed to meet the fashion movement was born!
Luxury sports watch was born, but 40 years, or even less than the history of quartz watches, but the luxury sports watch attached to the value can be traced back to the birth of the human civilization before the watch, that is, jewelry industry, gold and silver workers. In addition, the watch industry made most of the brilliant achievements can also be found on the luxury sports table. Fashion editor of the kind of ignorant call, we can be resolved as a sense of fashion. As the youngest watch category, luxury sports table, its sports characteristics since do not have to repeat, and it certainly does not lack this fashion sense. Careful readers must be able to sum up the definition of luxury sports watch: Luxury Sport Watch combines the ancient jewelry and high fashion watch fashion watch.
European aristocrats, whether it is dress table, jewelry table or movement table, have a relatively fixed producer to wait. Cartier for the Brazilian flight home design of the watch, can be said to be the first modern concept of the watch, it can be said that the predecessor of luxury sports table. Also to the elite to provide the watch there are the French Po Long, the Swiss Earl, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe and other brands.
Luxury sports watches appear in the 1970s. It’s budding, some say is the celebrity Riviera (Riviera) series, while others devaluation Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (Royal Oak) series. But without any controversy, Audemars Piguet’s royal oak reflects all the features of the luxury sports watch, and it is still a typical representation of the concept.
Luxury sports watch so popular, he even began to play the role of other categories of Cartier love ring replica watches. For example, people are often evening party dress with a dress table. But the birth of luxury sports watch soon, there are fashionable people wearing a luxury sports table open and out of the formal situation, and now it has become fashionable.
How about the world rankings
Hao Lun poetry HOLUNS watch by the watch industry veteran side by side to create the high-end watch brand. With its exquisite workmanship, superior quality, loved by the people. So there are some friends to ask: How about the world ranking ranking? For this question, see the watch home given the answer!
As the watch industry well-known brands, Hao Lun poetry HOLUNS since its inception at the beginning has been “superb technology, careful inheritance” as the brand adhere to the purpose, with a strong design research and development strength, with excellent design team as the core, the introduction of Swiss watch manufacturing Industry advanced technology, technology and core components, through the international leading level of precision machining equipment, design and production of each of the Hao Lun poetry HOLUNS timepiece is a great demonstration of the culmination of the production process.
But unfortunately, Hao Lun poetry HOLUNS is not the top ten watches. But although not included in the list of the world’s top ten list does not mean that its strength is not the top ten watches strong, it can only represent the popularity of it, after all, only watch, meaning and function is its core!
TAG Heuer and Longines which is good
Switzerland is the kingdom of watches and clocks, in the field of watch industry represents the world’s highest level. But TAG Heuer watches and Longines with the Swiss watch brand, which two brands which is better? Let the watch home to tell you!
TAG Heuer full name Tiger TAG Heuer. Since its inception in 1860, has been known as the Swiss avant-garde precision watch model, under the world’s largest luxury goods group – LVMH Moet Hennessy Group (LVMH), is the world’s top five luxury watch watch brand. As a pioneer Cartier nail bracelet replica in the Swiss watch industry, TAG Heuer insists on creating precise timing tools and exquisite watch.
Longines (LONGINES) was founded in 1832 in Sojia, Switzerland, with more than 183 years of history and superb craftsmanship, in the field of sports also has a prominent tradition and excellent experience. To fly the wing as the symbol of the Longines known as elegant elegance, as the world’s leading watch manufacturer Swatch Group’s famous brand, Longines has been around the world more than 130 countries.
TAG Heuer and Longines which is good
TAG Heuer is the second class, with the backbone of ETA, more biased in the ETA high core, a certain transformation and grinding process or design focused, occupy the mid-range high-level areas. And Longines are three types of tables, compared to TAG Heuer to the first file. 

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