Dressing Tips That Will Have You Looking Like A Celeb

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Every woman desires to stand out in a crowd but it doesn’t mean they must be the center of attention. Celebs wear killer dresses which they spend a lot of time on. The question is: what elements of a dress make a woman look like a star? If you are a woman who believes in statement-making, shop your dress from Ieena for Mac Duggal and apply the following pieces which will guarantee turning heads.

Ieena Mac Duggal Dresses

Rock in celebrity foot ware

There are many shoe designs which are considered to superstardom pieces. For instance, over-the-knee boots can be worn with different types of dresses. These types of shoes will surely grab attention as you run your normal errands or when in a social place. You may choose the most comfortable designs like the flat bottoms or put on some heights if you can. The other stand-out design is the nude shoes. They are spotted all over the globe with so many celebrities. They are the perfect shoes that help a woman solve the dilemma of what shoe to put on for a particular occasion. The ideal nude shoes should reflect a woman’s personality and match with her closet collection. Nude pumps paired with a little black dress are a go-to style for any woman. White sneakers have the aspect of celebrity in them and they are comfortable to walk in. As long as you have the best dresses to match the white sneakers in your closet, you can put on them year-round. Imagine a flashy white sneaker paired with a black blazer and dress. What an upgrade!
Experiment hues, proportions, and layers

If you want to be a celeb, you must know how to play around proportions as far as fashion is concerned. This means you have to balance the different elements of a dress: sleeves, hemlines, and length. Epic proportions are those that match the tall with the small, or pair the shouting pieces with understated designs. Consider having a monochromatic outfit which produces a star-like and chic statement. This is a marvelous way to highlight a great hair style, vintage bag, or statement jewelry. The monochromatic outfit can either have the exact same color or distinct shades of the chosen color. For instance, a little black dress paired with black ankle boots, black handbag, and black jacket. It is also fabulous to mix and match patterns and print which is very easy. For example, doubling the same print put on two patterns, and in the same hue. Try skinny black skirt and white-striped top with wider black patterns.
Put on a statement piece  

A good way to imitate celebrity style is to add a statement coat to your dress. The coat is what people will see first when you go out. Choose colors, fabrics, and embellishments that will grab attention as you display your personality. Good examples are the short white woolen coat, calf-length studded black coat and oversized purple puffer standout. Consider adding a puff of color to flaunt your silhouette. You can pop colors even on your normal day-to-day outfits e.g. red heels and a bright handbag with a simple dress. Another elegant style is pairing a simple outfit with a statement jewel. You may have two stand-out accessories like cuff bracelets and chandelier earrings with a plain black sheath dress. Think of knockout sunglasses that rhyme with your personality e.g. brightly framed, round black-rimmed, double-toned lenses.

Celebrities always look like they are on the red carpet even when they are on their normal routines like shopping. Of course, these people have personal fashionistas who ensure that their dressing styles are on point, but you can also dress like them without a personal stylist. After finding the ideal outfit from Ieena for Mac Duggal, you can bring out your inner celebrity using the named items wherever you are.

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