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Posted by nabeelshaukat on November 7th, 2010

Numerous people are associated with woodworking profession and earning considerably. This is not an easy task to do for everyone as it requires proper training, practice, and woodworking skills. Given below are some tips you must consider while woodworking:

  • The most importing thing is to cut the wood properly. Think a twice before you cut. Your mind is the most powerful tool, so use it while cutting. This will not only save you from losses due to incorrect cuts, but will also save your fingers from any injury.
  • Wherever you are in your shop, home, or anywhere else, concentrate on your work only. Even a little distraction can result in a wrong cut and can damage your hands. If you are working at your home, try to find a place where there is little disturbance. If you are working at your office or shop, avoid looking at the visitors or your shop unless you complete the cut, otherwise you might face your hands contacting the blade. So, focus on your attempt and never take your eyes off the blade unless your attempt is complete.
  • Don’t be rush and do your work with proper breaks. Relaxation of mind is necessary for smooth working. So, take rest when you feel frustration and tiredness.
  • Be confident while working. Just think in mind that you are habitual with this work, and you have been doing it for years. Thinking like this will enhance your focus, and enable you to make a right cut.
  • Never force your saw to cut the wood. If it is resisting cutting the wood, you must stop and see what is wrong. If the throat plate is improperly seated, it can result in board to get stuck in the mid cut. Don’t force the board in such a situation or it can contact with the blade.
  • Protect yourself using proper equipments. Generally goggles, lung protection, and ear protection tools must be used while operating tools. Make sure to use push sticks while working near to the blade.   
  • Prevent yourself from dust and fumes. Airborne dust and fumes can be hazardous for your health. You must ensure proper flow of fresh air in your area of working.
  • Wear appropriate cloths preferably specially designed for woodworking. If you have long hairs, band them with a hair band. Long hairs or loose clothing can be caught in power tools which in result causes a severe injury.
  • You must not drink alcohol in your daily life at all as it even doesn’t allow you to differentiate your family members. In case of wood working, it can easily distract your focus which in turn can result in severe injury and incorrect cuts. A lot of wood workers have been injured in past only due to alcohol.
  • If you are a new worker, you must get some training from somewhere like from professionals or training institutes. If you cannot afford the cost to pay them, then online tutorials would be the best and cheapest option to go with.

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