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Posted by Dr Deepak Raheja on August 17th, 2017

The first trial or the initial use of drug or any other substance is mostly voluntary or peer pressure. However, once it becomes habitual, a person gets addicted to it and gradually the bran too becomes submissive towards the substance abuse. With continuous abuse it gets difficult for the person to stay without it and finds it difficult to resist the urge. In order to get complete rid from drug addiction, the addict needs professional help. There are wide number of centres who offer assured treatment for drug addiction by experienced psychiatrists and therapists who understand the fact that every addict is different and needs to be treated differently.

What happens to the brain?

To understand the addiction, one needs to know what happens to the brain when a person indulges in drug usage. In most of the cases the used drugs affect the ‘Reward Circuit’ of the brain. This happens when the chemical from the drug floods the part of the brain with chemical messenger dopamine. These further controls the pleasure feel of the body, which later becomes addictive to the person doing the drug. This is the reason people refer it to feeling ‘high’ when they are under the influence.

Moreover, with regular use of the drug the brain of the person keeps adjusting and thus, one does not feel the same high as they are felt the very first day. This increase the intake amount as the person wants to go back to the initial phase. And by the time they know it, they are already strongly addicted to the substance. Long term usage gradually leads to physical mental issues like, concentration, learning, decision making, anxiety, loss of memory and impulsive behaviourism.

Some get addicted, while some don’t

Being addicted to any kind of drug has no set rules. Some become habitual to the drug lost fasted than many others. The reason for stronger addiction may vary from person to person. Few of the major factors are:

Biology: Addicted parents are sure to raise an addict child. Moreover, mental disorders may also lead to addiction.

Environment: The environment of an individual has strong influence on their addiction. The environment includes economic situation, quality of life, friends and partners, etc. Few other factors that make a person stoop towards drugs are peer pressure, sexual abuse, stress and poor parental guidance, etc.

Development: It has been noticed and researched that the earlier the drug use, the stronger the addiction. This is the reason we find lot of teenagers being addicted as their brain becomes more habituated with the pleasure feel that comes from the drugs.

Therefore, if you want answers for drug addiction, you need to contact the best drug addiction treatment center in Delhi, Hope care India and get your problems solved by the experienced professionals. 

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