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Dr Deepak Raheja

Dr Deepak Raheja
Psychiatrist Rehabilitation treatment ,Psychiatrists hospita
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Positive Aspects of a Good Psychiatrist
Mental illness is one of the major problems today. The worst part is that this illness never discriminates anyone. People of any age group may become a victim to mental illness. However, there are few top rehabilitation centres in Delhi that offer complete consultancy and recovery treatment that yields positive results.There are various kinds of mental ill...
mental illness, good psychiatrist, positive results, own ways, psychiatrist, treatment, mental - Posted by indiahopecare - Posted 3 Years Ago

How Dangerous Is Heroin Addiction?
Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs, synthesized from morphine. The main element in heroin is opium poppy.  Addiction of heroin may start when a person takes it as a recreational drug. The basic effect of heroin is that it offers the user a feeling of relaxation amidst chaos and confusions. This is how one gets addicted to it. With continuous usag...
heroin addiction, treatment programs, heroin addicts, addiction treatment, treatment, heroin, addiction - Posted by indiahopecare - Posted 3 Years Ago

How Can Group Therapies Help In Alcohol Addiction, Says Dr. Deepak Raheja
Alcohol addiction is not a new kind of addiction. Some people do not even realize that they have it and yet they cannot live without alcohol. Many people believe that quitting alcohol is all about willpower. However, it is not entirely true. Clinical alcohol addiction treatment is very important for long-term recovery. It is a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual dise...
alcohol addiction, hope care, addiction treatment, therapy sessions, alcohol, addiction, treatment - Posted by indiahopecare - Posted 2 Years Ago

Self-Help Methods For People Suffering From Schizophrenia
Self-help is one of the best methods to come out of crisis situations in life. It is a technique, where one engages in actions and interventions in their own life, either with the help of mental wellness professionals or care takers. Even in case of schizophrenia, one can take control by practising self-help. Many centres offering schizophrenia treatment in ...
schizophrenia treatment, treatment programs, promote self, own life, schizophrenia, treatment, life - Posted by indiahopecare - Posted 3 Years Ago

Say Goodbye To Your Nicotine Addiction
Do you smoke more than ten cigarettes a day? If you do, you need to get out of this harmful habit right now. The best way to quit smoking is to take help of both medications as well as counselling. The renowned psychiatrists in Delhi know the best way to help people get out of smoking habit.One of the most preferred therapies is Nicotine Replacement Therap...
quit smoking, best way, withdrawal symptoms, treatment programs, smoking, counselling, best - Posted by indiahopecare - Posted 3 Years Ago

How Therapy Treats Bipolar Disorder
In the age that we live in today, we see that there are many individuals who suffer from bipolar disorder. Many a times this disorder is mistaken as normal depression. There has been lot of instances where people tend to become aggressive and during this phase they fail to realize that they have a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.One ...
bipolar disorder, bipolar depression, offers complete, social rhythm, therapy, patient, disorder - Posted by indiahopecare - Posted 3 Years Ago

How Couples Counselling Can Save Marriages?
It is very common and also natural for married couples to get into arguments every now and then. Especially for couples who have been together for more that 16 to 20 years are sure to have argument clashes as both will have their own opinion and would not want to compromise with their views.However, if an argument lasts for too long, making the couple dist...
couples counselling, too long, married relationships, married life, couples, counselling, married - Posted by indiahopecare - Posted 3 Years Ago

How Couples Counselling Helps In Strengthening Of Relationships
One of the closest relationships that we experience as humans is a romantic relationship. Having a partner and choosing to get married is one of the best things that happen to us. There are many times when couples face twists and turns in their relationships. From little tiffs to major arguments, every couple is bound to come across such situation at certain...
very renowned, specially designed, renowned therapists, married life, couple, counselling, relationships - Posted by indiahopecare - Posted 3 Years Ago

How Couples Counseling Helps Couples?
Arguments between couples are a natural thing. But when these arguments become a regular affair, where both the individuals only suffer and find it difficult to stand one another, the couple needs to realize that they need professional help. There are many centres who offer professional couples counceling in India. These counseling are structured to get a th...
professional couples, offer professional, hope care, family counselling, couples, counseling, professional - Posted by indiahopecare - Posted 3 Years Ago

How Is Gambling Addiction Different From Other Addiction?
Addiction itself has a negative connotation, irrespective of what type it is. It refers to something that a person cannot stop doing. The different types of addiction are - Substance Addiction, Impulse/Emotional Addiction and Behavioural Addiction.Gambling addiction falls under impulsive or emotional addiction. An individual suffering from this type of add...
gambling addiction, substance addiction, stop doing, negative connotation, gambling, addiction, money - Posted by indiahopecare - Posted 3 Years Ago

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