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Posted by Leewood on October 25th, 2017

Instead of making calls in a traditional way by using a telephone, people are using the internet-based VoIP calls more these days. For this, hosted PBX services are used. In this system, the telephone is hosted by the provider only. Either the PBX is integrated with the present telephone or it is used instead of the telephone. The system can be used for multiple devices like cell phones and landlines. It is also functional on the desk phones.

The PBX system is very useful for businesses. It functions with the help of public internet. It is a better option than the telecommunication systems used in the earlier times a few years ago. The system has many useful features like voicemail, click to call support, call recording, fax-to-email, call waiting, ring groups, company directory, caller ID, call center queues, do not disturb, call forwarding, music on hold, CRM screen pops and many other features. These features help in improving the telecommunication for a business.

The above features can be expensive if they are used with a telephone. However, it can be less expensive when the provider has the facility of owning and hosting the equipment. Thus, there is no need to buy a telephone system with other equipment. Buying inexpensive phones or leasing them is enough for taking benefit of the features of hosted PBX. It reduces the capital expenditure and the cost of cables and labor for installing the system. The system gives the easy monthly payment options. The long distance calls have predictable charges instead of increasing and decreasing suddenly. The PBX can be expanded with very easy steps of adding telephones.

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