Processing of iron and steel scrap

Posted by annesheldon on December 25th, 2017

The processing of steel scrap differs from different kind of refractory material quality and shapes. Breakable and irregular shape lumps can be broken by the hammering of heavy punch, Extra thick and extra long scraps should be cut into proper sizes by flame cutter. The scraps with even larger sizes can be broken with blasting method. Thick waste steel plate and merchant steel should be cut with shearing machine. Light scraps with small volume weight like offcut of light sheets, steel wire, waste car shell, should be compressed to blocks with packer and then bundled. The steel cuttings produced by cutting should be compressed to blocks by briquetting machine after deoiling. Scraps mixed with other kind of metals ashould be broken, then get steel scrap with magnetic separation. A new technique of breaking under -50~-100℃ low temperature with the help of liquid nitrogen has been developed in recent years, but the problem of separating steel scrap and nonferrous metal and other impurities was not completed solved. The use of mixed scraps should be kept within a certain portion to avoid affecting the quality of steel.

Magnetic separation
Magnetic separation is to use the magnetism difference between the different material in solid waste to separate with inhomogeneous magneto, it is the most effective method in separating ferrous metals. After solid waste is put into magnetic separator, magnetic particles will be magnetized under the effect of inhomogeneous magneto, and then sucked into the cylinder by the force of magnetic field, then discharged. Non-magnetic particles stay in. The magnetic sources adopted in magnetic separation are usually electromagnet and permanent magnet.

It is to use different kind of chemical solvents or hot surface active agent to clean up the greasy dirt, rust and sidiment on the surface of scrap. Usually used for generators, bearings, gears that are polluted by grease, lubricant, oil, etc.

Scraps are usually polluted by oil, lubricating grease, etc., the oil and lubricating grease which are unable to evaporate immediately could pollute the molten metal. For open storage scaps, after affected by moisture, as it contains moisture and other easily vaporized material like lubricating grease, it could expand under high temperature in furnaces. Therefore, it should be preheated with flames to remove the moisture and grease, then put into furnaces.

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