PoE: How Is A Dice Roll on Getting Lab Unlocked or Not A Challenge?

Posted by Richard Betts on February 2nd, 2018

You are free to migrate every single character to regular league if you feel like it is tough or get a little help with whatever you have problems with and continue the SSF path on the normal ladder. That is why it is a "challenge" not a regular, separate ladder.

SSF is more challenging and many people play it for that reason. But people play SSF for other reasons as well, not just the pure challenge of it. SSF exists as a league not to enable SSF play but to provide the opportunity for SSF players to compare themselves to others playing by those same rules.

But really, that's all beside the point. None of that necessarily implies that, because a person has opted into a certain playstyle, that they don't have a legitimate basis to request changes to the game that would improve their experience.

I play entirely solo, but I do trade for gear. I hate the aspect of the game where I have to troll chat channels to experience content at a reasonable pace. I want to play the game, not watch a chat window. Playing solo, I had run more than 100 maps and more than 20 trials and still had just 3 of the 6 trials complete. I was pushing level 90 and still couldn't do uber lab because RNG decided to not give me the trials I needed.

One night, I said screw it and started trolling trade chat to get my other 3 trials. Within a few hours, I had them. Is this the experience GGG wants people to have?

What purpose(s) does the randomness of Uber Lab Trials intend to serve? Would those purposes still be served given a QOL change that shortened the tail of possible maps run/trials found distribution?

It may very well be the case that the randomness of lab trials exists in part to encourage people to communicate with one and other. The insanity that is Zana 8 in a temp league could have the same justification. If that's the case, GGG could easily come out and say as much. But if the goal of these things is to simply delay their access a certain amount of time, there's an entirely legitimate argument that the time is too great and that QOL changes would improve the player experience, whether they play SSF or not.

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