How To Set Up Your Business On Google Local Listing - Part - 1

Posted by webigg02 on March 15th, 2018

We may be practicing it already but many of us might be unaware of the technical terms associated with it. In this Blog, we will be throwing light on one of the most useful feature of Google that is Google Local Listing. This feature of Google helps us to register the business online including the specific details of the business. Details like the name of the business, phone number, website address, local address, functions etc. are stored online for making it easy to access them.

Our daily lives are the best paradigm of the ease that is provided by this feature and just how often we refer to Google to look for the phone number or the local address of any random office, restaurant, some institution etc.

There are several Google local business directories available which allow a local business to register their business freely on their sites. However, why should one register anywhere else when they can simply get their business registered on Google Local Listing.

What is Google Local Listing?

Simply put, the Google Local Listing is a feature of Google which aims at maintaining a directory of the local businesses in an area. It helps the businesses to register their business online and increase their visibility to the customers.

The Google Local Listing can be categorized under the local search marketing campaigns that aim at creating and maintaining the listicles of the several local area businesses running in the nearby localities. The Google Local Listing keeps an updated information of the local businesses, their address, phone number, the location on the local Google map, etc.

This is quite an agreeable assessment that when one business decides to go online its reach is highly increased. This is because of the much understandable and relatable fact that the generation today, refers to the internet for the minutest of the details. Thus, at present, a majority of businesses prefer to have their business registered online to have a better connectivity and follow an informative approach.

How can you add your business to Google maps?

To add your Local Business to the Google Local Map is easier than you think. You can do this in few simple steps on your own without paying a penny to Google. Google does Local Marketing to maintain the local business’s database yet there are no charges for the same. You can follow the bellow mentioned easy steps to get your business manually registered on the Google Local Map and upgrade your profile on Google Local Listing.

So here’s your guide on how you get your Local Business registered on Google Local Map instantly.

  1. Sign into your Google account.
  2. Open Google Local Maps.
  3. Find the exact location of your business by zooming into the map.
  4. Precisely add your business to maintain the accuracy of the location.
  5. Click on the Send Feedback button on the bottom right corner.
  6. Click on Add a missing place.
  7. Now simply drag the marker to the exact location of your business and add any other relevant information that you wish to add.
  8. Click Submit.

And there you go, it’s done!

The other specific details of your business like the working hours, the website link, other branches, etc. can be listed under the Google Local Listing. Basically, anything and everything related to your business which you wish to inform your potential customers about can be featured on Google Local Listing.

Points that must be noted before getting the business listed online On Google Local List

1.) Accuracy

When you provide any information on the Google Local listing, it is important that you are absolutely accurate with the information you are updating. Google takes pride in authenticated information and in the case of any kind of malpractice your business will be taken down immediately.  Thus, make sure while you’re dealing with Google it’s better to play fair.

2.) Be Informative

The information that you post under the Google Local Listing must be sufficient to answer any relevant questions that may arise in the minds of your potential customers. Thus, it is advisable that you give all the information in advance to raise awareness about your product/ services. If you follow an informative approach, you are more likely to provide clarity of idea to your potential clients.

3.) Use pictures

Illustrations are much more attractive, expressive and attention seeking when compared to plain texts. Use of pictures will make the idea the clear of what you are selling and on what level.

4.) Ratings

Ask your customers and visitors to give you a good rating. A good rating gives a very good impact on the people searching up for your business online. Also, a rational consumer would prefer a business with a good rating compared to the one with none.

Why do you need to register on the Local Business Listing?

There are many reasons why you need to register your business online on the Local Business Listings. And most of them are much obvious in their approach. the reason is simple, the entire World is living in the virtual World. Any update or any kind of message at all is achieved from the internet. if I personally talk about my own habits, I do everything online from shopping to ordering food. The reason being, it is so easy and so convenient. What do you exactly have to do? Just pick up your smartphone and go ahead, do the need full. It’s like even though you ain’t doing anything major, you get all the information without putting in any efforts at all.

This is why you need to get your business online. This is exactly why you need to get your business registered on the Local Business Listing.

Consider this example, if you were to go to a restaurant recommended by a friend and you’ve lost the way. what would you do? Well, probably you would insert the name of the restaurant into your Google local map location and start the journey after selecting the travel mode. At least, that is what I would do.

Layout of the Business Listing

Since you are now using the virtual medium to communicate and reach your target audience, keep in consideration the various factors that will make your business visually attractive. It is needless to say, something that looks good, sells more. Thus, the template you decide to use for your business listing is crucial in determining the success and user engagement in your business.

The Local Business Listing is commonly termed as local SEO. To make you recall, let’s consider this instance, you might have discovered various local businesses popping up every time you try to find or locate a local outlet that is quite nearby. Well, at least I have experienced this, several times.

The new Google Local Listing business pages now allow the local businesses to upload photos related to their business to help them make their business more descriptive and attractive and gain maximum sales through the medium of the local listings.

Well, coming to the basic layout of the listing, the business head or whoever handling the online listing of the business on Google must take care of one point that the audience prefers easy over something that is cluttered and difficult to access. So, it will be extremely beneficial for you if you decide to go for a user-friendly layout that is much easy for a layman to access and get the desired information. That is how your business will grow.

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