Path of Exile: How Do These Master Mission Concepts Sound?

Posted by james bonds on March 17th, 2018

I think the general consensus is that the current types of master missions are generally boring, tedious, unrewarding, and/or broken for particular builds. With few exceptions I tend to level my masters to about lvl 6 or 7 and completely ignore them thereafter. Also, a easy way for you to gain poe items fast is to poe buy items on U4GM. If you want to cheapest items, just make sure to spare some time to join in our site.

With that in mind, how can we make master missions fun and rewarding while minimizing the actual amount of Dev work required to implement. My solution is to tie master missions to previous league mechanics.

Elreon - Breach
Current missions are extremely dull and take forever to complete. New missions still require protecting or destroying relics but now a random Breach is triggered on mission start. Leveling Elreon increases the chance of rarer breach types and breach Lords appearing during his missions.

Vorici - Anarchy and Warbands
Current Vorici missions are tedious and broken for many builds. All missions now require killing everything. Leveling Vorici escalates his missions from a single rogue exile to packs of exiles to packs of exiles with increasingly difficult warbands.

Tora - Talisman
The overall mission structure of Tora's missions is pretty good. Now the unique monster is affected by a guaranteed rare talisman. Leveling Tora increases chances of higher tier talismans.

Vagan - Invasion
Fighting Vagan is currently boring and dummies are Terrible. Now Vagan has you fight one or more Invasion monsters. Vagan uses a bunch of auras and either joins the invasion monsters to fight you or joins you to fight the (buffed) monsters. Leveling Vagan increases the number and difficulty of invasion monsters to fight at once.

Catarina - Abyss
Current Catarina missions are entirely bad. Now Catarina immediately triggers an Abyss crack which you must complete. To feed her totem or whatever. Leveling Catarina increases the chances of a crack to chain and also increases the chances of a depths and a lich in the depths.

Haku - Essence
The karui spirit is now contained in an essence monster and the mission completes on killing the monster. Leveling Haku increases the level of essences and increases the chances of additional essences and rarer essences. The current gauntlet structure is either removed or changed to a short labyrinth trial style gauntlet.

I'm ok with Zana as is. No major changes. Some more variety in her mission types would be nice though. More crazy combos like sea witches + beyond.

How do these master mission concepts sound? Would you bother to do them if your master was already leveled?

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