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Sabotage and Prayer: What this Connections Implies?

Posted by lukachan on April 11th, 2018

We all are living in a spectrum of positive and negative energies. But, the world that we live in is self-defining. What you choose for yourself from the spectrum of positive and negative energy drives your life. This may appear a bit surprising, but prayers too can be positive and negative. “The prayers are nothing except the placebo,” the non-believers may have the thought in their mind when tending to bring out the purport of the prayers. The lack of research in this field and people’s ignorance to the secrets of positive prayers are, in fact, the key reasons to conclude such self-opined thoughts about prayers.

The medical treatment requires when the sickness shackles a person, but, this is how a medical practitioner deals with the illness. How you respond to the situation of someone’s sickness, admittedly through compassion. The positive prayers and wishes influence the compassion you show to a patient's sickness. “May God heal him”! What else do you utter when conveying your compassion? And, it magically soothes the sick to recover from his sickness. But, not all prayers are alike. What someone is uttering out and what someone has deep in his soul may be different. This is how sabotage and prayers connect to one another. What is sabotage then? This is a strong devilish spirit that is meant to prevent the purposes, performances, and potentials to happen as God’s wish. The self-sabotage is even more fatal as it arises the insecurities, resentment, and suspicion of an individual. Further, the individual who is stricken by the self-sabotage aims to destroy personal progress and relationships and discourage his dreams and visions.

Prayers are for healing. All civilizations and cultures have been utilizing the power of positive prayers in the healing processes for ages. Prayer is a kind of energy, and modern science has even proved it energy can never be destroyed, however, it may change from one form to another. The rule applies to the prayers as well. Both physical and spiritual energy are eternal, but as physical energy has many forms, the spiritual energy features just two forms of energy- positive and negative. In the modern world, this is critical to recognize the wrong voices that lead your life to sabotage. God has bestowed you the spirit of love and peace and incorporating prayers is still inevitable to retain the God’s spiritual values- the love and peace.

Authors’ Bio: The author is an avid writer. The article is about the positive and negative prayers. For more details visit www.spindriftresearch.org

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