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Posted by Metal Barrier on April 25th, 2018

CRMB (Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen) is useful in hot climate due to fatigue life and deformation. Looking at the vast network of roads in India Bituminous binders is the common material in use. In recent years, the increased number of vehicles on the road and the heavy pressure from the heavy vehicles hampering the road situation that directing towards modifying Bituminous in India. The modified bituminous like polymer modified bituminous and Crumb rubber modified bitumen are useful and having good impact towards lifeline of the Indian roads.

   CRMB otherwise known as Asphalt-rubber binder as it introduced after polymer modified bitumen and available with various features.

  • Resistance to temperature
  • Available with enhanced stability
  • With fatigue life
  • Prevention from rutting
  • Water resistance
  • Better Adhesion

There are several <a href="">CRMB Manufacturers in India</a> provides different specifications and different pricing, but you need to choose the best manufacturer in an affordable price.

Types of CRMB

3 different types of CRMB available in market as

  • CRMB 60
  • CRMB 55
  • CRMB 50

As per the specification all these 3 different types of Bitumen meant for different roads like CRMB is preferable in hot climate, CRMB 55 is suitable for moderate climate and CRMB 50 is recommended for cold climate. CRMB is most useful Bitumen for Indian busy roads, intersecting roads, roads with heavy traffic, heavy vehicle riding roads, bridge, etc. It is one of the best solutions to increase longevity of the roads in India.

Why to Choose Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen

 CRMB modifier improves vital features of asphalt by adding a TMB-super feature with conventional asphalt which provides number advantages to use CRMB

  • Increases Elastic nature , which increases resistance of road in cold climatic areas and recover the road from cracking
  • Increases softening property to increase the longevity of road in hot climatic areas.
  • Hard grade of asphalt due to lower penetration which gives strength to the road and rescues from water damage.
  • Increasing age resistance by adding rubber to Bitumen because the aging process slows down after adding rubber into Bitumen.
  • Better strength, long life and stability due to improved adhesion
  • The road life of rubber Bitumen is 2 to 3 times more than the normal bitumen road.

So, it is very necessary to change Bitumen roads to CRMB for higher resistance, smooth drive, comfort and safety. Choose the best CRMB manufacturer and get the product at an affordable price.

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