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Highway Guard Rails Adding Safety to highway Users
A well-laid infrastructure is a prerequisite for the urbanized societies and well-defined systems. Increase in Traffic in urban areas has led to an issue of road safety leading to increased casualties. The need of the hour for the government is to pay special attention to the transport Infrastructure of the country. Also, highway infrastructure is required t...
Posted by metalcrashbarrier - Posted 2 Years Ago

The need for Crash Barrier Manufacturers in India
Crash barriers are not something that we pay heed to when we are driving down the highway. They are not something that we think of immediately when we think of roads or highways. But crash barriers are always present on the side of roads. They are small barriers kept at the edge of the roads as if to tell vehicles and drivers that this is the maximum that yo...
Posted by metalcrashbarrier - Posted 2 Years Ago

Advantages of using Cold Mix Bitumen Emulsion
For a developing country, the roadways need to be built and fortified to let the progress flow. The highways are the lifelines that offer a paved way towards a new future. The biggest problem a road development process faces is the climate changes and erosion. Often, the roads cannot tolerate the natural forces and succumb to form potholes and ditches. A dam...
Posted by metalcrashbarrier - Posted 2 Years Ago

Hire The Best Technician For Thermostat Installation
A sensory machine that senses the temperature and helps to maintain it to the desired level is called Thermostat. It regulates the heating or cooling devices by switching them on or off according to the desired temperature. It acts as a main regulatory unit of heating and cooling device at home. Seriously technology has made life much simpler, our air condit...
Posted by metalcrashbarrier - Posted 2 Years Ago

Preserve and Seal Damaged Property with Polymer Modified Bitumen
Bitumen which is also known as asphalt is usually found naturally as deposits or can be made by the distillation process of crude oil in a fractional manner. They are semi-solid in nature. Since ages this material is used by people for various preservations, sealing, binding or waterproofing requirements. In modern times a major number of road work is done u...
Posted by metalcrashbarrier - Posted 2 Years Ago

Complete Bitumen Emulsion Manufacturing Process
Bitumen emulsion is a diffusion of small drops of bitumen in water.Bitumen emulsion comprises three basic ingredients; bitumen, water and an emulsifying agent. Based on condition it may contain other additives, such as stabilizers, coating improvers, antistripping or break control additives. It is well recognized that water and bitumen will not mix, apa...
Posted by metalcrashbarrier - Posted 2 Years Ago

The Importance of Bitumen Emulsion
Bitumen emulsion is a blend of fine drops of bitumen and water. But as you might be aware that the bitumen is a petroleum product so it doesn't mix with water. It is sticky in nature and it doesn't easily get disintegrated into fine drops. To overcome this issue an emulsifier is used along with it. Emulsifies is basically the surface active agent. Emulsifier...
Posted by metalcrashbarrier - Posted 2 Years Ago

Different Types of Road Crash Barrier Products in India
Road crash barriers are designed with the purpose of reducing the impact of the collision. They are made with the expectation to guide the vehicle in the right direction when it collides and gets into the direction where it is not supposed to go.The objective of road crash barriers being provided by Road crash barrier suppliers are as follows:To p...
Posted by metalcrashbarrier - Posted 2 Years Ago

Polymer Modified Bitumen-Boon for Indian Roads
A large amount of money is invested in the construction of roads in India every year. Yet it has been observed in many remote locations the durability of these roads have been short termed. Highly populated cities and density of traffic in many areas is the reason for such drawbacks.As the connectivity has increased between various cities in India through ...
Posted by metalcrashbarrier - Posted 2 Years Ago

Cold Mix Bitumen Emulsion and its Advantages in India
The main use of bitumen these days is for road construction and in the infrastructure industry. It is used for road maintenance and safety. Bitumen emulsions are mainly a mixture of bitumen in water. Even though bitumen is an oil based product which is originally supposed to float on water rather than mix with it, an emulsifier, which is a surface active ele...
Posted by metalcrashbarrier - Posted 2 Years Ago

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