What Factors Determines The Cost Of Mobile App Development?

Posted by BrainMobi on July 5th, 2018

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The mobile application has emerged as one of the most innovative and transforming elements in society. Mobile applications have revolutionized various industries whether it’s travel, food, healthcare or e-commerce. Due to constant hike in the demand for mobile applications several companies took birth to capture this space.

Now let’s come to core point that what factors affect the cost of an app.

A number of things determine the cost of an app. It can be quality of developers, features you want to integrate or on which platform you are making your app. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Research and development-Research and development are a must and primary need of an app. It depends on the kind of app you are building.

The platform- Onwhat platform you are building your app for iOS, Android or React Native can be a cost defining factor.

Features-Specific features you are adding into your app also makes an immense impact or we can say most of the cost revolves around this factor that which all features we are adding or want to integrate.

Quality of developers- Surely experienced and skilled developers are highly paid and it can make a huge impact.

Designers- Design of your app can also make a difference. Designing a game app takes much more than designing a simple app similarly every app is different and so do its design and that’s what designing makes an impact upon cost.

Testing Process you are -going for manual testing or beta testing. iOS or Android because testing for iOS takes a whole different procedure than testing for Android. So in this way testing also determines the cost of an app.

Maintenance and Support-Maintenance and support can make an impact on overall cost.

So thus above are the significant points which define the cost of an app. Due to cut-throat competition many companies offer affordable mobile app solution. Many a times in this scenario quality is compromised. If you are looking to develop and app in a cost-effective manner without making a compromise with quality then we BrainMobi can be a perfect choice.

BrainMobi is a leading mobile and web app development company providing end to end solutions for all your mobility needs.

Factors which need to be into consideration while hiring an app development company like.

Agile developers

Creative designers

Strong testing team and

Cost-effective solutions

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