Don?t Forget These Little Things When Moving Commercially!

Posted by cynthiyawells on July 18th, 2018

Commercial moves are never easy. They are bad for business and also take their toll on the employees. Moreover, you stand to lose your clients as well as your productivity during the move. Plan carefully and your business might come out of the move unaffected. Keep these little things in mind when moving commercially and your business won’t suffer that much.    

Get the Employees Onboard

It is a wise move to be upfront about the move to the employees. Communicate them the date of the move weeks if not months in advance. This will ensure that they are able to pack their stuff without any significant drop in their productivity.


Let the Customers Know About the Move

Customers don’t like to be left in the dark. So, if you don’t want to lose out on any clientele, it is best that you let them know about the move beforehand.

Make a Checklist

Office relocations require employees of all departments to work together in harmony with one another. You can achieve this harmony by making a checklist and handing out a copy of it to each employee. Make sure that you arrange a removalist while planning the commercial move. Redcliffe Removals can be a good choice if you haven’t found one yet.  

Pack the Electronics Carefully

Businesses are nothing without electronics. Therefore, extra precaution must be taken when moving them. Bubble wrap any breakable items like monitors and detach all the cables and wires carefully before packing them up. Make sure that the cables of a system are packed with it in the same box. This way, you will able to find them easily when unpacking.   

Throw Away the Junk

A commercial move is the best time to perform a thorough cleanup. Throw away any junk that you have accumulated and only take the most necessary items with you to your new workplace.

Do Away with Clutter

It doesn’t make sense to take the office junk with you to your new office space. So, tell all your employees to toss out any unwanted items that they have and only keep what they really need.

Coordinate with the Removalist

Make sure that you and the removalist are on the same page. Be in touch with them all throughout the move right till the very end to ensure that everything goes as planned.

Update the New Address on the Website

Tell the IT department to update the company website with the new address. Moreover, the address should also be updated on local listings and directories too.

Redcliffe Removals is a Brisbane-based moving company. You can find more about us here or get in touch with us if you are in need of a commercial mover.

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