How to Execute an Employee Recognition Program

Posted by octanner on August 2nd, 2018

Even in the harsh evolving corporate world, we all know there still exists a species of workers who are enthusiastic and pumped up about the work they do. So, a pat on the back or a “thank you” wouldn’t hurt. Right? Hence, an employee recognition program for this great employees is essential as it keeps the employees motivated and in high-spirits.

The employee recognition program is just a token of appreciation by the boss and staff, which helps a lot in the growth of the company. It can be both formal and informal. The formal program can be very methodological and typical. Brainstorm some employee recognition ideas as a team. The team needs to prepare some factors upon which the employees judged. These may include personal accomplishments, project completion, or group tasks. The appreciation can be given on a monthly or yearly basis, in the form of an award or a badge. Review the results and tailor the employee recognition program based on your findings.

Can’t think of any employee recognition ideas? Try surveying employees about how they would like to be recognized. You can also keep a notebook recording the efforts of good employees and give them a shout out on social media platforms.

The informal way of employee recognition is more interesting and flexible than the formal one. It consists of an innumerable amount of ideas, as the human mind never falls short of ideas! Below are some ideas that can be implemented.

  • Some sincere words of appreciation.
  • An informal lunch outside the office
  • A simple “thank you” after completion of a project.
  • A greeting card modified as an appreciation card. (Think about the smile an employee might get seeing this as the first thing on his table before starting work!).
  • A round of applause
  • Giving a day off for a well-done job can be the best gift an employee can get as he/she will get to know that the work they have done is appreciated.
  • A comment board for the clients to leave feedback for a hardworking employee(Keep it strictly for good comments only!).

It is also important to keep in mind that different employees like to be recognized differently. Therefore, a good leader must know the choices of the staff members. The employee recognition program is a win-win endeavor, as it boosts the employee’s satisfaction with the company, thereby producing quality work for the employer.

Author’s Bio: The author has given some employee recognition ideas to come up with an effective employee recognition plan.

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