Reasons to Give Employee Service Awards

Posted by octanner on August 3rd, 2018

Employees play an important role in the organization. An organization exists because of the hard work of the employees. Employees and the organization are equally dependent on each other. An employee works in the organization for satisfying its own needs and organizations hire employees for its own purpose. Appreciating employees for their talent, hard work, and dedication is an important part of keeping employees happy and engaged in their work. Employees will do their best work only if they feel appreciated and that their work is valued. Every organization should have their own criteria to appreciate employees.

Appreciation leaves a positive impact on an employee’s mind and it also acts as a booster for the retention of the employees. Everyone loves to be appreciated and praised for their efforts. Employees being human should be appreciated and awarded for serving years to the organization. Like birthdays they also remember their hire date. They have spent a lot of time and effort serving the company and not getting recognized for that can be a little disheartening. Giving years of service awards brings a smile and fills an employee with more enthusiasm.

There are various reasons to celebrate an employee’s service:

Hard working- The employee has been working in the organization and achieving goals on time. The employee should be praised and celebrating years of service and a few words about their achievement would have a great impact on an employee’s mind.

Time investment- Celebrating years of service is itself a way of acknowledging employees for their time in the organization. An employee can invest a long time only where they feel happy and satisfied with the work culture, colleagues, organizations rules, norms, activities, etc.

Trust- Working for years in an organization builds trust between the company and the employee. It’s the responsibility of the organization to celebrate and respect the employee for their service years and build a strong connection between them.

Family member- An employee turns into a family member if they work for an organization for a long time. There are trust and faith between the directors and employees. Celebrating years of service make the employee feel prouder and a message indicating “many more years to come.”

When an employee works in the same organization for a long they become almost like a family member who has seen all the ups and downs of an organization. The employees can also relate the past and present of the company and feel proud to be part of a growing company. Like we celebrate the birthday of employees and the organization, celebrating employee service awards makes employees feel happy and honored for remembering their presence and service for the coming years in the company.

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