Know Why Dilapidation Survey in Perth is Important

Posted by Choice Building Inspections on August 17th, 2018

Dilapidation surveys are done by professional building surveyors to inspect and record the existing structural condition of an area and surrounding structures before any demolition or development is started. A dilapidation survey in Perth is critical in determining if there are any prominent defects—settlement, movement, cracks, water seepage, distortion, spalling concrete, subsidence, or other issues. These defects are recorded in photos and notes. 

When is it required?

A formal and valid dilapidation survey in Perth can potentially save both contractors and property owners from thousands (or even millions) of dollars in claims and lawsuits from third parties. 

Contractors and developers need to call in a professional who can provide comprehensive dilapidation survey reports before carrying out any demolition, excavation, piling work, renovation, or new construction. Property owners also need to do this before renovations, additions and alterations, demolitions, reconstruction work, or new construction at adjacent areas. Dilapidation surveys are required before the commencement of underground construction work in surrounding areas of the property. While neighbouring construction is not expected to cause damage to surrounding buildings, a survey is a critical precautionary measure. 

A proper dilapidation survey can give you peace of mind and save you money on litigation and remedial repair works for any damage that may have been caused by another party. By recording existing defects and conditions prior to commencing work, it can mitigate culpability for indirect damage to surrounding third-party properties. These surveys can ultimately help resolve disputes faster and prevent fraudulent claims or actions. Moreover, a dilapidation survey in Perth can assist contractors and developers in negotiating insurance policy terms so that they can enjoy cost-effective premiums. 

What is in the report? 

Any internal and external elements of neighbouring assets of interest and properties are documented along with the condition of footpaths, kerbing, road reserves, and utilities. The report will list all faults, including cracks, leakages, distortions, and other such structural imperfections. The best property surveyors will record everything in a comprehensive condition report with high-quality, high-resolution geo-referenced photos and annotations. Videos may also be used in some cases. Some reports can be sectioned into different parts for specific audiences, such as stakeholders, property owners, and other interested parties.

Be sure to work with a team that can perform dilapidation surveys for clients in Perth. They should be known for providing their clients with high-quality reports on schedule. 

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