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There are many types of gambling games that are being played at casinos and other places. There
are table games, electronic games, card games, sports betting, non-casino gambling games, and
many more. One of the many card games that are very famous with a lot of people is poker. Poker
is a very popular game, be it inside the casinos or outside of it. There are even international level
tournaments being held on poker. Other than that, poker has always been the ideal gambling games
being on movies, with a lot of movies catering to the fascination of poker. So, what exactly is poker?

Poker is a type of card game where the betting rules are shared among the players. There are many
variations to the game itself and each variation has its own rules and regulations as to how the
cards are being dealt, how hands being formed, if it is the high hand or the low hand wins the pot,
limits on bet and so on. Yet, the general idea behind it is that the person with the winning hand will
take all the money in the pot. It is a game that requires a lot of strategies and face reading skills.

As mentioned above, there are many variations to the poker game itself and one of the oldest forms
of poker is the straight poker game. In the straight version of the game, players are being dealt
with the complete set of hands and that the betting is just a matter of raising and re-raising. When
everyone is satisfied with the betting, the player with the winning hand will take it all. This version of
poker is considered too simple and that while it is very popular back in the old days especially during
the war, it is not so much in play right now.

The most common and widely seen version of poker would be the stud poker. It is a game where
the cards are being dealt at a prearranged combination of face up and face down rounds with a
round of betting following each. Also one of the oldest versions of the poker game, it is now more
commonly being played with five cards instead of the three cards played back then. To make it much
harder, there are people playing with seven cards being dealt, with three cards being faced down
and four faced up, and that the players needed to choose the best combinations out of the cards

One more version of the game would be the Texas hold ?em. The game itself was getting a lot of
publicity after it was being played in the James Bond movie, Casino Royale. All the players shared
two common cards being on displayed in the centre of the table and five other cards are being
dealt to the players. The players need to make the best five cards combination to win the game.

Poker is not simply just a card game but more of a mind game that takes strategies to win.

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