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Resistance to Change health care organizations

Posted by Winniem on October 17th, 2018

Key concerns in Health sector is controlling changes in health care professionals.  Since change occurs continuously current practices that should be incorporated include managing to handle the complexity of the health process through evaluating changes that affect health sector, analyzing needs and requirements to implement a given change, and planning how to implement change in daily operations. Nursing leaders should ensure they have formulated tactics and strategies that make sure that a particular change is worth and relevant in the nursing sector (Fagerström, & Salmela, 2013). It is a good practice for senior management to show a high level of commitment. Nursing management should ensure full integration with other systems and processes in the nursing sector. Nursing sectors focusing at experiencing a greater level of success in their growth and development efforts, their managers and executives must formulate better framework and teams for thinking about change. They must incorporate good communication and awareness creation individuals for a better understanding of the key issues which nursing sector can apply to have new processes (Fagerström, & Salmela, 2013). Creating awareness programs and clear dissemination of information between nurse attendants and leaders is essential and highly required to ensure that employee will accept changes.
Nursing managers should actively promote change by understanding values that matter and focus on changing those values. However, leaders should be keen to avoid reacting to every invitation for a change. Health sector should focus on tailoring health care services by delivering changes that ensure needs of the local population are effectively valued and given priority (Shore, & Kupferberg, 2014). The embraced changes in nursing should guarantee effective and efficient adoption and transformation from old behaviors to new ones. Health sector should have high potential in gaining better competitive advantages through having a high ability to change, adapt, and evolve (Merkel-Hess, 2016). Changes in healthcare practices should be promoted if they are proved to improve quality and safety of both nurses and patients. They should be embraced if they guarantee to save money, resources, and energy.
Impact of changes in Healthcare
The rate of changes in the health sector is accelerating creating powerful forces that enable the great transformation of healthcare services, professionals, and management (Shore, & Kupferberg, 2014). Changes in health care have generated the vast economic potential for those who have automated healthcare operations using modern technology. Changes in technology have led to the effective survival of patients by use of techniques and technologies in treating patients.  The health sector has acquired large numbers of professionals who perform well due to the flexibility of activities following new changes. Nursing practitioners have learned how to overcome obstacles and cope with the chaos that exists in nursing careers (Shore, & Kupferberg, 2014).
However, global changes are happening, which drive individual employees and other related sectors such as insurance, government policies to change. These changes have created problems within the health sector. To keep nursing professionals as well as health sector functioning according to plan, nursing managers, health attendant and other employees are required to learn more to acquire knowledge and skills (Chandler, et al., 2016). They are required to upgrade their education and join necessary training to adapt to new changes in technology.

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