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Posted by Winnie Melda on October 24th, 2018

Do you think the immigrants in this film are all victims of the American criminal justice system/immigration policy? Why, why not? Be specific.

The film Lost in Detention shows that about 400,000 immigrants were deported as per the 2011 record. Over Million, immigrants have faced deportation since President Obama took office. Not all immigrants in this film are all victims of the American immigration system/ criminal justice system. Antonio Arceo's wife and her children are among the victims to be detained and deported under the U.S policy systems for not carrying a license. Her children are victims because they were born in the U.S and are therefore the rightful citizens of U.S by birth. They have never been to Mexico since they lack no allegiance or connection to the country.

Another case is Susana Ramirez who is a single mother of two American-born children. I call her a victim because she does not deserve a detainer, but a sought of punishment or fee for driving without a license. These two cases show that unfair deportations and arrest occur because of the strict deportation quotas. However, there are a group of undocumented immigrants who are not victims of the policy. These are the immigrants serving as detainees in Lake County Illinois. Due to their criminal records in addition to lacking illegal documents they have to face deportation with no mercy. They have engaged in murders, drug offenses, and others are sex offenders.

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