Warming a new cold war, Trump and Putin are reversing nuclear disarmament

Posted by Maryam Yamin on October 28th, 2018

 According to 99 News, Trump and Putin are reversing nuclear disarmament agreements pushed by Reagan and Gorbachev 30 years ago now The black and white films of the Cold War returned.

Trump's broom swept the international order built at the end of the World War and now sweeps the disarmament system inaugurated by Reagan and Gorbachev 30 years ago when disarmament agreements between the two superpowers eliminated all nuclear missiles from European territory.

It is difficult for a new cold war to be announced. The world is not bipolar, but multipolar. It is not a consolation, and it may be the opposite: it is worse to have many nuclear powers without agreements that link them to each other than two superpowers.

Now there is a competition without ideological alibis as there were then when it came to choosing between two systems, socialism and capitalism, which sought to divide the planet into areas of influence. It is the emulation of cynicism and brazenness in the struggle for hegemony, which leads to military escalation and the increased risk of a bad calculation or an accident.

With the nuclear weapon better not to make many jokes. That has not been fired more than once and since 1945 is no guarantee that any of the powerful of this world ungoverned does not give the trigger.

The greatest danger of the breakdown of the disarmament treaties, as is the case of the one that Trump has just announced regarding medium-range missiles (between 500 and 5,500 kilometres), is the stimulus it means for nuclear proliferation. Especially if it adds to other nonsense like breaking the nuclear treaty with Iran. Perhaps it is not a new cold war that is coming, but an escalation confirms that no good presages.

The tension has shifted towards Asia, where Trump wants to have hands free to face the Chinese rearmament, but in no case will he forget the old European scenario of the old black and white film, especially on the NATO frontier with Russia.

In questions of war, fashion is drones, cyber wars, robots and artificial intelligence, all questions still surrounded by mystery and questions. But what is certain is that a world where nuclear weapons increase, instead of decreasing as before, and are dispersed instead of concentrated, the greatest risks lie in the eventuality of a mishap or a ruler provoking the second shot capable of unleashing the catastrophe that took the world to sleep during the Cold War.

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