Stuffed animal hand-opening tips

Posted by May on December 21st, 2018

The manual opening of stuffed animals is mainly based on the long-term study, practice, summing up experience and accumulating patterns. Those who learn to open the book must have strong imagination in the right brain, strong perseverance in body and mind, and often listen to the predecessors, Yangzhou in the early seventies. The government has allowed the street organizations to open technical training and hundreds of people to participate in the study, but in the end, there are only a handful of masters.

Toy artisans with a certain artistic foundation will be modeled by hand, although this link is easily overlooked by some toy manufacturers. In order to pursue efficiency, manufacturers prefer to be experienced. After seeing pictures, they can directly convert paper patterns in the brain. The cut version of the opener, but this step is actually quite important. Because this is a spatial image transformed from a plane to a body, the designer is required to have a strong space imagination and hands-on ability. The main method is to first make clay sculpture, then cover the clay with tape, and draw the structure of the clay on the tape, mainly drawing the parting line, and finally removing the tape for the opening.

The opening is mainly to return the three-dimensional shape to the flat graphic, and the designer is required to have a certain space imagination when presenting the film, and display these on paper. And each arc size, direction, and shape of the fold can reflect the level of a designer. Simply put, the three faces form a three-dimensional space, which we can understand as a head, body, and leg. Therefore, when drawing out the paper, the designer should open the combination paper from the perspective of the three-dimensional space. As for the simulated paper samples, it is more detailed. This is the basic principle of manual opening.

The hand-opened pattern runs through the designer's work until the finished product and is the first carrier of the designer's thoughts. Therefore, you should keep your paper samples in time to avoid loss. The pattern can not be modified without the designer's consent. In addition, in the boardroom trial process, the same fabric sample should always be used with the paper sample, unless the work needs. Do not change the fabric at will, because even if the same fabric, if produced by different stuffed animal manufacturers, different batches of production, the prototypes may have a certain shape change, sometimes even a long way.

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