How To Detect If Your Cell Phone Activities Are Being Monitored?

Posted by mudassarali143 on January 5th, 2019

Cell phones have dominated our lives, and it can be really hard for one to imagine life without it. The gadget which has been designed to serve the purpose of communication has now become part n parcel of life with some additional features equipped in it. The smartphone has undoubtedly made managing life and work easier; the device can be used as a camera, a medium to check on emails, to write notes, set the alarm and many other things.

A cell phone is not merely a gadget, but it is a device which has personal, professional as well as financial detail of an individual stored. However, exploitation of anything can be dangerous, and the cellphone is no exception, there is a fine line between advantages and disadvantages.

One probably uses a cell phone on a daily basis, and this increased cellphone dependency of people has led to some potential threats. Perhaps the phone contains important business data as well as your personal social media accounts, there might be some of your competitor who wants to know about your business deals or your spouse who wish to find out about the potential affair, or someone might just wish to hack into your bank account. Anyone who wishes to get into your phone can use the spyware applications to get the required information while tracking and trapping all your activities.

Although most of the people have an idea about such activities taking place they barely know how to find hidden spyware on android. Various functional spy programs offer enough features to extremely invasive once privacy and therefore, it must not be taken lightly. An individual must learn what such monitoring services can do and learn a few steps to detect them on the phone.

Here are some of the suspected signs that might help one determine if there are any possible chances of them being monitored

a.    Battery drain away faster
If you start noticing that your battery charge is going down much faster than ever before, there is a strong possibility that someone might be keeping an eye on you. Undoubtedly, the battery quality of the phone demises with time and after a few years, but such effects are not visible instantly.
If the battery capacity and performance change drastically in a few days, especially when one is not using the phone, something might be wrong. The spyware apps utilize the camera, microphone, and other additional applications to send data which leads to fast battery drainage. If you are facing such a situation, consider getting the cell phone checked for the spyware or install some applications for the safeguard.

b.    Increased data usage
Increased data usage even when you have been spending less time or no time online can be due to few factors, recently installed application that runs in the background, some malware or spy apps. In order to detect the chances of spyware installed in the phone one must know how much data they regularly use monthly and look at the data usage pattern to get a clear picture. There are plenty of applications available which helps one manage and track the data usage both on mobile data and Wi-Fi.

There could be some additional signs or changes in phone functionalities including cryptic text messages, unusual signs etc. that must not be ignored to ensure the security of your smartphone and stored information.

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