Introduction to the third generation piezoelectric control common rail injection

Posted by on February 11th, 2019

Chinese diesel test bench factory produces common rail tester, Injection pump tester for testing Bosch's third-generation piezoelectric common rail fuel injection system

The low-pressure electric fuel pump delivers fuel to a high-pressure fuel pump with an fuel-input metering function, in which the distribution unit divides the incoming fuel into two paths: one supply pump has components and the other uses cooling. The high-pressure fuel pump has a maximum supply pressure of up to 180 MPa and is input to the common rail. A common rail pressure sensor is installed on the common rail, and the common rail pressure is adjusted by an fuel inlet metering solenoid valve installed in the high pressure pump mountain. A pressure limiting valve (mechanical type) is also installed on the common rail to limit the common rail pressure.

The high-pressure fuel is sent to the piezoelectric injector through the common rail, which is controlled by the control end element according to the operating conditions, and can accurately adjust the injection timing, the diesel injection amount and the diesel injection law.

1. Pumping adjustable high pressure Injection pump tester.

The third-generation piezoelectric control injector common rail system adopts CP3.X pump fuel-adjustable high-pressure diesel pump, which is single-cylinder radial plunger type. The shape of CR/CP3S3 high-pressure pump, Its working principle is the same as that of the second generation common rail system with high pressure diesel fuel pump,Chinese diesel test bench factory produces test bench for calibrating common rail system and fuel injection pump.

High pressure fuel pipe, pressure regulating valve and common rail assembly

The high-strength modular laser-welded common rail structure scheme can basically meet the requirements of the future, and its surface coating does not contain Cr6+, which has met the regulatory requirements that began in 2007. In order to test the common rail pressure, the latest generation of pressure sensors and common rail pressure limiting valves (DRV) are installed axially at both ends of the common rail The volume of the common rail must be large enough to compensate for pressure fluctuations to minimize its effect on fuel injection; on the other hand, the common rail volume should be small enough to quickly establish rail pressure at start-up. In the design phase, the diesel test bench adopts this types common rail system to test common rail injector and pumps and Injection pump testers.

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