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Posted by graphicsdigitizing on March 1st, 2019

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Vector Graphics (graphics, illustrations, and curves) are characterized by losslessness over bitmap (raster) - this is the difference between them. This means that the vector image or logo can be magnified without loss of quality (when the image remains sharp). In the raster image, enlargement will result in so-called zooming. Both formats have their use.

Differences between raster and vectors

Raster graphics are used in pictures (for example, from the Paint program) or in photos - when the original scene is to be preserved. Its disadvantage is the data size and the decrease in quality when it is magnified. 

Output formats are .bmp - bitmap, png - portable network graphics, .jpg, and so on.

Vector Graphics work with an image as mathematically defined curves (vectors) that are counted as magnified so that the shape stays constant sharp. The basis of vector graphics is analytical geometry. The advantage is small data size and scalability. The disadvantage is in some cases the inability to faithfully display the scene. For example, for photos. 

No posters, large format prints, as well as business cards, stamps, prints, promotional items, flags and much more can be produced without vectors. Both types of graphics are often combined in practice.

The output formats are: .ai - adobe illustrator, .svg - Scalable Vector Graphics, .cdr - corell draw, .pdf - portable document format, .eps - encapsulated post script and more. For pdf, (typically a scanned image), or a curve format (for example, an exported Word document).

The difference between vector and raster graphics

The difference between raster graphics at magnification (in the left part of the raster image, in the right part of the vector)

Each logo must always be formed from the beginning in curves, avoiding the difficulty of providing the logo in curves to print makers, stickers, business cards, posters, etc. If you have your logo in one of the raster formats (png, jpg, bmp, gif, etc.) - let it be converted to a Vector based graphics version as soon as possible. You will need it for corporate materials such as prints, stickers, and more. Just try to request the conversion to the curves through the contact form on this page. The sooner you do, the better, because you will definitely need this format sooner or later.

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