The 3 Advantages of Digital Embroidery Designs

Posted by graphicsdigitizing on April 24th, 2019

Embroidery enables you to have professional looks that help spruce up the work uniforms and team shirts along with school uniforms. It is also in fashion and the trends show how both the young and the old are consuming such designs in large numbers. If you are looking at Birds embroidery designs, you will be amazed at the number of styles that are in place. Embroidery is mostly about stitching designs onto the shirts and apparel. The finish of these designs is world class, Big Bold Beautiful.

Most Digital embroidery Artwork designs help create impressions through quality and style. These are long lasting and involve the use of full color designs. Some of the best advantages of embroidery designs are listed below:

A Custom Embroidery Digitizing will help create uniqueness that often enables the wearer to show their choices in style. Done on caps, polo neck shirts and even trousers, most embroidery designs can be quite distinctive from piece to piece.

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If you have an embroidery on a shirt, it will be able to advertise your name or even your business name. Many of us wear embroidered logos on their clothes. This helps in creating a name in the business. If an employee wears an embroidered shirt, he or she will send a message about the company and the work they do.

3 Types of Skull Embroidery Designs to Be Incorporated Into Your Style

Skull themed designs have been there for ages and just like the roses, feathers and tribal patterns, they are a staple in every embroidery expert’s arsenal. Getting orders for skull designs are in everyone’s library.

Skulls are usually associated with various symbolic significance, commonly death and mortality. However, Skulls can also be used to symbolize other things including:

  • Protection
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Overcoming Death
  • Overcoming a tough time
  • A change in life from the past           

What Do They Mean?

Skull embroidery designs can be used on clothes, jackets, or even dresses to represent many things, such as a symbol or memorial for a loved one who has passed away.

Flaunt your skull design on your shirt with style or use it to let everyone know that you have overcome death or a dark time with an unclear future. Otherwise, it can simply be used to represent an interesting design without a deep meaning behind it.

Let us look at some skull ideas that you can incorporate on your embroidery projects.

Feminine Skull Designs

It is not necessary that all skulls designs need to be masculine or demonic. You can opt for a feminine design instead. Feminine skulls are usually digitized based on the shades of pink and purple. Some designs have their eye sockets replaced with hearts to make it look a bit light hearted yet elegant at the same time.

Sugar Skull Design

Many popular holidays such as all soul’s day, all saint’s day and day of the dead holidays are represented with masked skulls such as sugar skulls. You can get skull designs embroidery on your clothes to be worn and roam all around as part of the celebration.

Decorated Skull Design

Skulls can be decorated with different things such as something meaningful, numbers, thoughts or emotions. Such as white, yellow or red rose that represents something different.

Finally, quality embroidery work is very durable and very hard wearing. It can withstand many washes. A design you can be proud of and wear for years to come.

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