How local SEO services are helping hotels attain high bookings?

Posted by profitointeractive on March 6th, 2019

That is putting the perspective and utility of local SEO in the simplest way. There are some businesses which operate in a larger geography than the others. If your business is multi-location and multi-national then local SEO becomes only a part of the larger SEO plan. On the other hand, when your business is confined within a single location then your Modus Operandi should be to explore local SEO!

One of the biggest gainers with a detailed local SEO campaign are the hoteliers. Now, hotels are location specific. Yes, there are multi-location hotels, but they too have to come up in searches for each of their offered locations. You are fighting with your local competitors here. And that competition can be quite close. This is why you really need the support of a reputed and experienced local SEO company.

The glory stories of business success with local SEO can be found everywhere. And many of the case studies belong to the hotel sector. But that does not however mean that you would start expecting the unexpected from your local SEO company. Your SEO service providers are mere human beings (though some of the SEO company promotions makes you believe that they are Magicians!). So, you have to allow them enough time and scope to work the wonders they are capable.

One of the biggest fallacies noticed in local SEO process for the hotels lies in the mindset of the hoteliers. They turn to a local SEO company right at the point of their peak season. And obviously, when you approach the experts so late, even the very best cannot fetch you results. Know why – because SEO is as much about the waiting game as it is about implementing the tactics. So, if you really want to reap the benefits of local SEO, as an hotelier you have to dedicate at least 3-6 months to see any appreciable difference. And what does that lead to? Start the SEO process as soon as the season ends and run it till the peak season arrives! That would give you the sales push you have been anticipating.

Coming to the second issue, with certain hoteliers, most clients feel that once they start appearing on top of the local search results, they have hit the bull’s eye. And as a result they discontinue the local SEO services. Your decision does not impact the local SEO company as much as it does for your hotel. How? Well, your competitors would not be sitting ideal. They are also racing to get on top. Their SEO partners would also try every trick in the book to topple you from the top. And by discontinuing the SEO services you make their job a cakewalk!

If your goal is to boost your revenue, then local SEO is the penchant. But you have to give time and then persevere with your chose SEO company to really attain your wish. 

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