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Robotics in the Industry

            Robotics is the science that involves the designing, construction, operation, and the application of robots in various areas of the industry. Robotics also entails the establishment of computer systems for the control, sensory feedback, and processing information used by the robots. Robots are an alternative to the human labor since they work in the same environments that humans can but have automation systems. They have the ability to work in the dangerous environments that humans cannot withstand like in high-temperature processes. Robots are the basic machines, but they have a special design depending on their purpose and work environment. At present, robotics technology is at an advanced stage due to the vigorous research on the designs and making of more efficient robots for use in the industry.

            Robots have some basic similarities they share especially in the construction procedures. The technical details of their structure are common. All of them have a form of mechanical construction, electrical components, and computer programming codes. The mechanical design and shape depends on the purpose of the robots. They have diverse environments of applications that make their shapes and forms different. Some take the form of a human being and others are purely mechanical mobile devices. The mechanical aspect depends on the problem that it will handle to complete a certain task. The environmental conditions are also a contributing factor to its mechanical construction.

            Robots have electrical components that power their operations and controlling the machinery. The power used in movement and conducting its operations is in the form of electricity having the basic electrical circuit with cables and battery. Some are gas-powered but have an electrical circuit to start the gas. The electrical power in robots finds uses in movement, sensing, and operations. Movement occurs through the use of interconnected motors. Sensory operations involve the transmission of electrical signals to monitor the heat, sounds, position, and the power level (Kanade, Reed & Weiss, 2004).

            The computer programming code acts as the brain of the robot. It makes decisions on all the operations of a robot. The measure of the performance of a robot lies in the efficiency of the programming code developed for its operations. The robotic programs are in three forms; remote control, artificial intelligence, and hybrid. Remote controlling robotic programs enable an external body (human being) to give commands to the robot through signals from the control source (Thrun, 2004). The robots that use artificial intelligence can carry out operations independently using a preinstalled programming code. They are capable of making decisions depending on the environment and the problems they face. The hybrid robots use both artificial intelligence and the remote control in carrying out their operations.

            Robotic technology makes life easy by decreasing the human workload in the industries and overcoming most of the limitations in humans. They improve the efficiency and effectiveness of work since they don’t get tired or bored from the repetitive jobs like humans. They play a significant role in automation hence improving the operations in the manufacturing and assembly operations. The fact that humans are the engineers behind the construction and designing of the robots makes them superior to the robots. Thus, the likelihood of the robots becoming smarter than humans is far from the truth.


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