General categories and characteristic classifications of base oils

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As a component for automobiles and machineries it become essential to produce it in the right amount. It serves as the foundation for various economies in the world and is highly traded across the globe. There are various industries that deal in its refining so that just the required type of oil can be produced. There are many base oil traders in Kuwait that deals with the same.

Depending upon the formation and the characteristics different types of base oil can be used. One can take right decision of using such base oil for different applications by
understanding it in deep.

Base Oil Categories

In general, base oil can be categorized in many different ways. The important classifications is on the basis of constituent in the base oil and this can be

  • Mineral - Mineral oil is a type of base oil which is derived from crude oil. It can be produced by range of oil’s refining process and is used because of qualities associated with it.
  • Synthetic – Synthetics oil is man-made base oil which is produced through a synthesizing process. It comes with unique properties and thus used only for intended purpose. It is also used because of its number of formulations.
  • Vegetable - Vegetable base oils can be derived from plant oils. It is used primarily for renewable and environmental interests only.

Base Oil Characteristics

Base oil is commonly used in various segments and this is because of the characteristics it posses. All base oils have different characteristics that are must to be determined because after this determination, it is easy to decide that where it will be used. It is because of this characteristic, that basic base oil is differentiated from other base oil like base oil sn600.
The characteristics of base oil are often identified by the following:

  • The viscosity limitations and viscosity index
  • Pour point
  • Volatility
  • Oxidation
  • Thermal stability
  • Aniline point
  • Hydrolytic stability

Base oil provides greater benefits and thus has wide applications. To meet the requirement of base oil in various segments base oil suppliers produce just the required amount of
base oil. It is used as raw material in various niches and is also used as lubricants.

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